Thursday, October 28, 2010


I was looking in my favorite's list on Youtube and saw account Megumi33 was taken down for copyrights claims!? I looked more and saw more Sailormoon videos taken down for copyrights. Even a little kid's cosplay videos. The PGSM cellphone ringtone taken down. Even a personal fandub?! I understand the cellphone ring but not the others!! Could this mean... no, no, no I won't say it.

Must a company complain to take down the video or some bored non-sailormoon fan clicking report all day? How can a cosplay have copyright. No one is being paid and in Japan people cosplay all the time on the streets and conventions!! How about we ban them.

'Maybe the SMA group was banned for selling the shirts?' Nothing was posted in the videos about tshirts, only in the text box (could be wrong but I can't check it... youtube banned them). Youtube has no right to ban them for side jobs unless the video displayed the tshirts.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

There should be a Sailormoon Video game too

I've decided to use blogger as the place to show the videos!

Look at this funny video... Oh how I wish for a Sailormoon Xbox 360 game... but sadly is an Hong Kong game ad for some game called VolleyFire