Tuesday, April 27, 2010

DA Sailor War

Tired and sadden. Great Drachea has deactivated his DA page, meaning the doll maker is no long working. Hopefully its still on the doll maker site!

Because of Drachea, unconventionalsenshi has taken down their work as a protest to DA and bullies!

Why is there bullying in the SM community? Great example; Usagi/Bob being harassed on SMfansubs!

Usagi-chan hates bulling and believes everyone should be treated fairly. Your not a true Moonie if you bully. Did DiC not teach us anything from Sailor Says?!

Maybe Drachea was tracing (I never noticed) and yes, Usagi/Bob did post illegal downloads. Traces of Sailormoon date back to 1992(?). These people are not Nick Simmons!! They did not profit off what they did!! They did this for fun!! To get SM to the public; a new generation!! If Drachea did commission, what Moonie doesn't commisson off SM's likeness?! I would love for some framing war online. Go ahead and harass me!! I made an Otaku Senshi, half sister to Serenity, go ahead and bully me for no originality! I dare you...


As a Moonie of 12 years, I've been teased about everything down to my love for Sailormoon. I hid my love for Sailormoon from age 9 years old until I was 15 years old. Now, 20 years old, my love for Sailormoon is stronger and deeper. My walls has SM fanart, figures on my dresser, fanart on my desktop, screensaver, Zune screensaver, pins, bracelet, ring-tones, I even sing the songs at work!! Sailormoon is everywhere!!! Look in my DA favorite's list!! Life is too short to care about what others think about you. You'll be lonely and sad as a fake person. Don't read the comments, if your fanart is taken down from DA, put it back up or make your own site.

This is Sailor War... henshi and fight!

Moon Comedy Tuesday - April 27, 2010

I'm just noticing I copied Moonkitty.net's video posting idea (right when they ended it). Well great minds think alike I guess. At least I didn't use the same videos as them!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Moonie Collection Moonlight - April 23, 2010

Moonie Collector Number TWO!!! A great Sailor Senshi role model for me; Sakky!!

She does it all!! Cosplay, draw, make brooches, plushies, even beautiful Dark Moon earrings!
Commissioning with Sakky isn't cheap but it is great quality. She puts 100% love and detail into her work... to keep people paying for her obsession!! She even has extras to sell!

The Sailor Moon Display V by *SakkysMoonBag on deviantART

Handmade time. I could posted something by Sakky but she's famous -in my mind- enough! Let's give the spotlight to someone else!

Handmade Number Two; pyramidcat
I wish this was to buy!!

Chibiusa Henshin Sculpture 1 by *Pyramidcat on deviantART

They even posted pictures of the process of making this beauty!
Chibiusa Henshin WIP 1
Chibiusa Henshin WIP 2

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pink Kitty...???

OMG, you must be a bad Moonie or a bad boyfriend who doesn't pay attention to buy this!
The site says its Luna... but that's no Luna! Luna is blueish black! This could past as Kousagi's kitty but not Luna!!

Real Life Sailormoon!

*Edit because I don't read uploader's comments...*
Moon Chase did an mini article about Sailormoon cosplayer, Maria Watanbe! She was at the Cherry Bossom 2010 in CA.

Moon Comedy Tuesday - April 20, 2010

Not much was found...
EDIT: I bet no one will get the joke!!!

cat vs dog by `bri-chan on deviantART

Seiya+Usagi Sketch Dump by *YoukaiYume on deviantART

This video, I take no credit for this! Chibi Jennifer found this and it was sitting in her links page. I wonder if other Moonies has seen it?

Note: Mature people... hell all Moonies are normally over 18 years old

Monday, April 19, 2010

Need a neko nap....

Hello Moonies!
Amazingly I haven't been on my blog in awhile. The last few days of post are auto posted by theirself. I've been very tired n aching all over.
Need a HUGE pick me up.
Not even trying to be the La Solider dance helps. The weather change is not helping either. One day its nice and warm; I'm wearing too much clothing. Next day its freezing cold; I'm wearing too little!! MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND, WEATHER!!

Trials of parenthood by =Kaiya-Ayame on deviantART

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Bday, Rei-chan!


Today is April 17, 2010!
If Queen Mars was real, she would be 32 years young today!

I believe... she would be happily married for 12 years (yes, 12 years. Heh he) to Yuuichirou/Jedeite(my reasoning for this has yet to be finished or started) with twin 12 year old children... beautiful... hotheaded children. An elegant daughter with long raven hair and a talented singer son. (Yay, DiC!)
No more being forced to dinner with her father. She has her own family take her to dinner.

Senshi of Mars
Senshi of Fire
Second in Command
Queen Rei Hino-Kumada
(Yes, Hino-Kumada)

216-Queen and Princess II by *Silverlegends on deviantART

hebe-shinyillusion is too shy to let me post their art!
I don't know why,I think their work is beautiful!
Mars' Family

Artist has been banned but still beautiful...

Moon and Mars by !usakou on deviantART

mars.jadeite by `bri-chan on deviantART

Rei Hino Weeding by ~Yabu07 on deviantART

No embed code
Jadeite and Sailor Mars

Cosmic Sailor Mars - new fuku by ~kjur on deviantART

Mars Royal Family by ~KonekoTsukino on deviantART

(Yes, I have slight OCD. All the artwork was in order)

Friday, April 16, 2010

First Moonie Collector Moonlight - April 16, 2010

Welcome girls and boys! Oh yeah, and Zoi... that damn Zoi...

Moon Comedy will now be posted random Tuesdays! Temporarily being replaced is Moon Locket Music with...

Moonie Collector Moonlight!

Each week will include video(s) and/or photo(s) of Moonie's collections. Plus, video(s) or photo(s) of a SM related handmade item(s)!

Youtube (and DeviantArt) is a great way to find great never before seen Moonie items!

First featured Moonie Collector: RipkeVanWinkle!

She even has a video of how to search for SM items from Japan!

First handmade mini feature: Demi - Plum
I brought this pretty bracelet for only $25 and she custom sized it!
Note: If your wrist is 8inches, get 8 1/2inches... Mines was too fitted!

Gaurdian Cat Charm Bracelet by *Demi-Plum on deviantART

I believe... Outer parents

deviantART: KinnoHitsuji posted in their blog:

Which of the Senshi's parents do we see in the manga?

We see Minako's dad in Sailor V, plus all the scouts and Ami's mom... plus another person I won't name for spoiler reasons.
Edit: YES YES! I know senshi, not scouts! I'm still learning! I've only been serious about Japanese version for 4/12 years of being a Moonie


Back to about Mina's dad... I'm not holding the manga in front of me but I think we see him defined at the airport.
(KinnoHitsuji says I'm wrong but I have no proof with me at the moment. Sailor V is safe packed and don't feel like DLing the manga)

Haruka - She's a ran-a-way or her parents died(like everyone else's parents) who stole a car and started racing in a gang. Being drawn to Michiru, she enrolled at Junban High School(?).

Michiru - Parents left her with her grandparents or she was adopted as a child which is why she is so mature; having to grow up fast and being around classical things.

Setuna - That one is a mind trip. I try not to think about it... or I get mad and/or a headache. Setuna at the beginning of the series is from the future, so present (1994 or 1995) Setuna is not in Tokyo because time will melt if they meet or she is still trapped in the Time Gate even when the Silver Millennium was destroyed... or... When Princess Serenity killed herself, the Outer Senshi saw it as there was no one else to protect the world, came together and awoken Sailor Saturn but that leaves the Time Gate abandon for 1000s (or 14) years. Key point... PLUTO IS NOT A PLANET SO SHE'S NOT REAL!!!

Oh, yeah... Someone stated in Stars manga, we see the Inner mother's shadows... I've yet to get that far...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I wonder... more Tomoes?

I wonder...

I'm sitting here rewatching Season 3; Ep. 120 in Japanese on Youtube account SassySunbeam

Early on in the episode, Mamo is sitting on the floor of his living room searching for some info about Dr. Tomoe. He finds an news article about the explosion years ago and says to himself 'Dr Tomoe and his eldest daughter survived.'

Does Hotaru have younger siblings?

Sailor Dance

After CyCyN just posted photos of Girl's Generation MapleStory Photoshoot, I find this today on Youtube.

This is not Girl's Generation (I guess) but girls dancing to the group's song

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

(Chinese) End of the Silver Millennium and New Sailormoon Movie Trailer

Sailormoon Around the World!!

I don't like posting other Moonies finds... so check out Moonkitty.net for a great Chinese cosplay proformance of the end of the Silver Millennium plus check her newest news and the Sailormoon Movie Trailer!

Moon Comedy Tuesday - April 12, 2010

Sailor Peter Moon! Again!

Sailor Moon-Peter Griffin by ~JADgirl666 on deviantART

Eternal Sailor Peter Moon v2 by *Fighter4luv on deviantART

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hikari Project - Usagi - Moonlight Densetsu

Youtube is my tv... and Youtube is all I do at work...

Old video upload but this band version is new to me. I like pieces of this band version but not an fan of it. Maybe someone else will like it

Classic AMV

I found a old classic AMV! The only AMV I liked, well back then! Everytime I hear the song I think of this video!

I don't remember which video version I had watched so many years ago!

Note: The band is KoRn... and they do curse.
Twisted Transistor

Plus check out Side-by-Side Comparison 1, Dub and Original Sailormoon. Well its not side-by-side... more like clip by clip and there is only ONE video. The video is blurry n pixel-ed but good for a good laugh at the dub.

Support Moon Chase's mission to bring Sailormoon back to America!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fanmade Anime - SM; Sacrifice

Omg, Omg... need to calm down... Sailormoon over load... I wanna watch PGSM, BSSM and musical right now!!! Omg, Omg...

I keep finding things on Youtube... I need to take a mental break.

I found a fanmade Anime; Sailormoon; Sacrifice!! I normally don't care for fanmade Animes but this one looks great!! I must see it!!! Their gonna show a preview at the SM panel for Otakon '10

Dance with me!

Soooo bored.... Wish I could dance

Haruhi Dance

Haruhi Flash Mob!

Lets not forget Sailormoon... hold it... lets forget Sailormoon

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fanmade Spanish SM Musical!

Sailormoon fans all over the world!

Just found these trailers on Youtube!
Sailormoon R: La princesa de la oscuridad: la llegada de la dama negra
(Google Translation from Spanish):
Sailormoon R: The princess of darkness: the arrival of the Black Queen
Their cosplay looks great! From translations their putting on a musical April 24, 2010 for a small fee but I'm not sure where.
I hope they record it and post it on youtube with English translation!

Friday, April 9, 2010

I believe... Senshi day

People come to the site but don't follow me or make comments. Feels like I'm talking to a brick wall.

I believe... there should be a Senshi day, celebrating all things small and big that is Sailormoon and her senshis, even otaku senshis! Senshi day could be on Usagi's birthday; June 30 but that steals our Neo Queen and Princess' spotlight. How about the date BSSM came out? Senshis will get together and do Moonie things or go out on the streets and cosplay.

I don't know... I'm just rambling... ready to get off of work....

What about a huge Sailormoon con? Hell, twilight had one!

Moon Locket Music - April 9, 2010

This might be coming to an end too, If I can't find anymore videos! Tuesday might become random Tuesdays and Friday will be replaced soon. I'm loving the idea for Fridays, just need a cool title for it.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Knitted Items for Sale!

Right now I'm bored... time is ticking... sllloooowwwwllly or maybe its just the white noise of the fan blowing? I grabbed my camera to play with and this is what I found!

All of these were made by my mother. I can only make jewelry and the weather is just starting to get better to start beading.

I have yet to figure out shipping costs.

First edition already been sold with a little tail and bell at the end but more will be made!
Idea of putting a bell earring on them.
Selling for $12, for tail and bell or earring bell extra .50 cents.

These next fours kid items are still for sale!


Would like to sell this as a set!
$25This baby pillow here is a few years ago and has 'Name: ' written in faded black ink on the back.
Will sell this pillow only for $9

Also not posted but we have already made;
Child Scarves: $5
Adult size hats: $8
Adult Socks/Booties: $10

Must request for;
Baby pillows: $10
And any other items not already made will cost $2 more.

Will only take paypal payments and items will be sent out as soon as full payment is received.
Custom items will have a 5 person waiting list. To get on the list;
Down payment of %25 for custom items. If you cancel, refund of %10. Why? In case we rush out to buy the yarn, start and the next day the customer cancels! Don't waste our time!

I repeat, I have yet to figure out shipping. Bare with me. I'm new at online selling!

Soon another page featuring sell-able items will be made.
Thinking about having SM themed adult socks and hats made!

Ramble, ramble, ramble... sooooo hot....

Finished 4KH Easter Event!!!

I finally finished the Four King Hell Easter Egg Hunt... thanks to a hint...
I'm still making 'I hate Zoi' Club!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Help a poor moonie

If I sold hand knitted hats, scarves, and socks on my site... would anyone buy them?
Maybe Sailormoon themed.

I know summer is coming soon but having your winter items ready for later is a good idea. Some people live in cold areas all year long.

For now, I will only sell in the USA.
And only take a down payments and payments by paypal.

Planning to sell jewelry soon too!

Moon Comedy - April 6, 2010

Mizuno Contemplates Homicide by *prismageek on deviantART

This might be coming to an end if I can't find more!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Random but kawaii!!!


Chibi Winry by ~onionhead1 on deviantART

This has been sitting in my DeviantART fav list for a month or two now. Just had to take a break from getting Moon Comedy ready and post this!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter!
I forgot all about Good Friday and ate streamed pork dumplings...
I had chicken the rest of the day...!
No, I'm not religious but it's just custom in my family and I feel its just a sign of respect, whatever!

Can't wait for candy tomorrow! I'm 20 and mom still hides candy from me!
No work tomorrow meaning I get to sleep in but no internet!!
Three more weeks before internet is installed in my home!!!
I miss the days of staying up late watching videos on youtube.

Easter Egg Hunter by ~DarakuMegami on deviantART

Friday, April 2, 2010

Hint about my project

I haven't got to them yet but I already know who they are in the manga! I'm a Moonie fan without even watching or reading all of it!

Pin-up, Sailors Gucci n Chanel by ~KrisRix on deviantART

About my last post:
Here's a clue of my mini project: It's a popular old game

My mini personal project would be odd for some but quite normal because the company allows you to recreate their product. I finished the first major part but I must transfer it then I have to talk with someone about the second major part since I didn't create it, just will edit a few mistakes. I think Moonies will enjoy my project.
Arty, shut up! I know I never finish what I start but this one might actually get finished! ... Or get thrown in the box of 'I will get back to it one day'

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Do I really need a title?

Currently obsessing over working on a mini personal project... I wonder if I will complete it?

Tired and Annoyed with Zoi...

I suck at April Fool's day... I'm always the one pranked....

Well, I've been doing the Easter Egg hunt on 4KH... and... where the flying butt monkeys is Zoi!!! I found everyone in about one hour but not Zoi... it's been 3 days now... Searching everywhere... no sign of him... I hate you Zoi...

Sailor Flapjack by ~MizSpookie on deviantART

Oh yeah, no Moon Locket music tomorrow... Until next week!