Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm gonna do it!

I know what I'm gonna do!!!

I'm just gonna get the first season new Boxset!! Each cost $135.50, so together that's $273 which is $16 cheaper than the first Boxset of Anza. The musical boxset will still be for sale in the future. The DVD came out in 2004, no rush! After the con I'm going to buy both set of BSSM then another set in each month. Maybe if I calm down on spending, the money won't be missed

Monday, July 19, 2010

Being a Moonie...

I've become slightly shopping addicted...
I think it's time to buy something special...

Musical Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen!!!

Meaning the very first SM Musical!!! Only $51.55 from cdjapan.co.jp! Seems like a lot for one DVD... maybe I should just buy;

Special Musical Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon Memorial DVD Box - Anza Ohyama Part 1

Which include 1993 Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen, PLUS 1994 Usagi-Ai no Senshi e no Michi, 1995 Yume Senshi-Ai-Eien ni, 1995 Yume Senshi-Ai-Eien ni Saturn Fukkatsu Hen!, and Ongaku Shuu. But nothing extra...
All for only $289.99!

I want the new Sailormoon Boxsets before they sell out but I can only afford the main first stage Boxsets right now now.

SAILORMOON!!! WHY MUST YOU BE SO GREAT!!!! Plus, I'm keeping my fingers cross just like every Moonie... Someone might translate Sailormoon again!! 'Maybe' even a game. Heh, a Wii game sound so kawaii. Maybe Sailor Senshi: Training for the Wii. Just think, solving word problems, puzzles, practicing attack moves. OH OH OH!!! Create your own Sailor Senshi for WII!!!

Sleepy kitty...

No one has missed me? I might line up some good stuff on Wednesday for everyone. I've given up on being known like SMO or Moonkitty. Maybe it's because I have no talent. Can't sing, can't draw, too nervous to make a vblog. But I am good at one thing... finding Sailormoon stuff online!!

One day I will see my name in lights... or posted everywhere online. For now... I will talk to 1 or 2 random people who don't post comments -I SEE U!!!-

Until Wednesday!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Moon Locket Music - July 17, 2010

Some people doing instrumental requests for Otaku-s at Sakura Con 2008. Sounds like their doing a mixture of the English Theme and Moonlight Densetsu.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

StudioMallory Saturn Wand Past Entries

One of my top favorite Senshi is Sailor Saturn and we all know she doesn't get as much spotlight as the other Senshi-s!

I've found more beautiful fan-created henshi lipstick wands!! Sadly these didn't win too... due to their too detailed to be recreated (that's what I believe)!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Moon Locket Music - July 10, 2010

As an USA Moonie, I started watching the DiC's version of SailorMoon on Cartoon Network's Toonami. Beginning of SM: S, DiC discontinued production of SM; Cloverway took over! I watched nearly all the English episodes of SailorMoon up until end of SM: SuperS and never heard many of the Japanese songs, only Moonlight Densetsu and Ai no Senshi from the Luna Rocks CD.

When I got my first computer, I searched everything Sailormoon. I founded my first fandub of SM: SuperS; Ami's First Love! I sat there staring at my screen until the end... and I heard my third favorite Japanese song!! Rashiku Ikimasho!! I've only heard the song a few times years ago but now I'm watching the Toei version of SM: SuperS, I'm hearing the upbeat song all the time!!!

I'm so horrible at pronouncing Japanese words. Lets make it easier for my simple mind and learn the song in English!!

Simple voice, no fancy 'double voice' in the song!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Make Your Own Otaku Senshi - Part 2

Introdrucing, SG's Kisekae Sets; SailorX v2.0! Don't confuse it with Sailormoon X, the mugen fighter game!

SailorX v2.0
uses the UltraKiSS Doll program to allow you to create your Otaku senshi easily! Sadly, it doesn't save every history click you make (or does it?) but it's still easy!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Make Your Own Otaku Senshi - Part 1

When creating your character, it's best to start with a civilian and/or senshi stats sheet.

Name. Age. Height. Weight. ETC.

Then work on your civilian and senshi background story.
Civilian: Is she good with computers? Well known at the arcade? Shopaholic?
Senshi: Does she protect something? Last heir to the 'throne'? Stole a planet crystal? Don't forget logical reason!

Year, time frame is also important too!

Then work out the look of your civilian and/or senshi.

Come back tomorrow to learn how to make your very own senshi without drawing!

Remember, read the whole site; every link! The site is very helpful. There use to be a DA group who proofread character bios but they seem to moved on with their lives.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Moon Fairy

So beautiful... this must be what Endymion saw years ago...
This is one of those photos where you just need to check out the DA profile gallery!

Princess Serenity IV by *marie-carrion on deviantART

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Luna's Make Up

SailorDreamInChina has posted more great performances AND added English and Japanese captions! After watching this video, go re-watch Moon Legend in English!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wonder Baby!

OMG!!! I've obsessed with this one song over night. The Wonder Girls! I don't feel like looking them up but clearly they don't sing in Japanese! Doesn't matter, I love their dance moves and catchy lyrics. Here's my favorite song in English.

If you don't like them... how about this cutie!

Moon Locket Music - July 3, 2010

I love Death Note's 2nd OP, such a crazy song! Now.. presenting Death Moon!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Moon Collection Moonlight - July 2, 2010

Collector: babyangelcrazy08 (AGAIN!)

Reason why I'm showcasing her again...
1.) I never look at all the videos from a person's account
2.) A good collector always gets more than two. 'One to keep at home and look at, one for safe storage and the third to show off to others!'-Hino Rei
3.) Uh.. enjoy?

Fanmade (Buy-able TOO!):

Let's see... I wanna buy Usagi's wedding ring... now Mamoru's Star Watch!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Sides of Shitennou

Since reading Four King Hell and SM: Abridged, my love for the Shitennou has grown 10x stronger. I never really cared for them but my creative mind has given them a place in my Sailormoon world (in my mind).

Darker Shitennou

Dark Lords. Shi-Tenno by ~Vaishravana on deviantART

Visual Kei Shitennou - Lost Souls

Lost Souls by ~Vaishravana on deviantART