Saturday, February 26, 2011

Moonie Addict

I haven't really been searching for great Moonie things as everyone can notice but I have been slowly adding to my collection!

My updated collection:

Sailor War


Help Italy see that we want the Moon Locket!
Head to the site, sign up and vote!!
Poll Closed
The site is in Italian but that can be fixed by using Google Translate! We need 3000 votes and we're only at 350+ votes!! Usagi is crying in the corner as you read this. Help her get her locket back into production!!! Supports it!

Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm not dead...

Slowly... I am forgetting this blog for Tumblr and slowly replacing posting with faving!

I will come back! Everything back to normal.

At the moment I am planning to start some videos just like my favorite guy; Brad from! But I am getting over a cold and my voice is horrible.

Cycyn from Sailormoon Obsession is suggesting Moonies get together and watch BSSM. Also check out her first Podcast.

SMA is fully back up with a new episode and talks of a new one soon...

Frizzy's art is getting better.

Even DA's winetta is making me proud to be a Moonie.

And Italy is teasing me badly!!!

Now to leave my small group of fan with something to think about...