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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Live Action Sailormoon... fanmade

In 1998 or 1999, my old best friends and I always wanted to make a Live Action Sailormoon movie! Not possible with three serious girls and a few other girls who barely seen Sailormoon. Those old friends don't watch Sailormoon anymore but me... yall know the deal; twelve, thirteen years later I'm still a Moonie fan and I believe my love for Sailormoon has grown stronger!

Moonies out there are making what I always wanted to do. Yeah, I can cosplay as a Sailor Senshi or Otaku Senshi but around the world, female (and male) otakus are talking it another step forward!

Darkmoon Entertainment -
BSSM: Dark Moon Fairytales Movie or (Episodes?)

Check out their site Darkmoon Entertainment for more.
At this time I can't load the site.
Make sure to check out their deviantART page for their beautiful cosplay!

Fairy Dust Productions - The Last Soldier

Great cosplay on their Facebook page.

Neno Studios - Sailor Moon & The Return of the Shadows

Sailormoon The Movie

Pay $15 to preorder your copy.
I LOVE this preview but I'm a broke Moonie!


Sailor Moon Analemma: Moon Phase Series Trailer

I already post her Code Name: Sailor V video.

Wow, long as hell blog post...
I hope this got people to stay on my blog longer...
Bye-bii... my hand hurts...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Believe... in Hotaru/Helios/Usa

I know a lot of Moonies don't like Chibi-usa for the simple fact she is just a plain bitch with an Electra complex.

Well, Usa is just a scaried little 4-5 year old girl sent to the past and may not completely understand that 'They are my parents and they made me'. Meaning, the child does not understand sex, not even when she turns into Black Lady! Maybe she just does this to be noticed and feel love more. Copying the same things Usagi does with Mamo to feel the same love affects. Whatever her reason is... I still love her! Yes, I have preferred favorites but I love all the Sailormoon characters. From Ikuko to Momo-chan!

Anyway... There is a lot of pairings for Usa; Usa/Helios, Usa/Hotaru, Usa/Mamo, Black Lady/Endymion, Black Lady/ Mistress 9... the list goes on and on!

What about this pairing, Hotaru/Helios/Usa? Works for everyone! I believe... Usa dates/marries Helios and Hotaru out of no where tells Usa that she loves her after years of Usa not noticing. Some don't believe in multiple partners. But otakus are fine with our yuri couple, Michiru and Haruka! Why not Hotaru/Helios/Usa? What is Hotaru's 'fate'? To be lonely like Setuna and watch from a far as her love lives happily with another?

Our Lady by *sailorptah on deviantART

Hotaru Chibiusa 2 by ~persuastrix on deviantART

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Moon Comedy Tuesday - March 23, 2010

This week just one item, a funny as hell one-shot. Hopefully there will be more comics from her!

Remember to check out her gallery for her beautiful artwork and cosplay. She just switch accounts, so not all her work is up yet.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Nothin' at all...

Soooooo bored... I need a Moonie friend... or someone who likes anime that isn't my boyfriend!
Thanks Arty for never falling asleep when I start one of my SM rants. Sometimes I wish I had a mic on at all times. Some of my rants are funny as hell or makes you think, 'WTF, this girl thinks SM is real in her mind!!!'

OH YEA! 1000 views! My Myspace doesn't even have that many views (last time I checked 3 months ago).

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Money and Guys suck...

I really want it... the fanmade, Usagi's ring I love fanmade SM items. It will be a few weeks before I can afford it...

:: Gets started on surveys ::

Friday, March 19, 2010

Moon Locket Music, Friday - March 19, 2010

Moon Locket Music, Friday!

I've heard the Star theme many times, but I think this the best the English version will get... I dare someone to do better.. I dare ya! Really, I do... I would love hearing your version!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Spring is coming soon... and summer is around the corner.
I should go summer shopping soon...

Sailor Soldiers Holiday

Right now I'm wondering what I should do about Moon Comedy. Not finding many funny skits or things like I thought I had saved away.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Moon Comedy, Tuesday - March 16, 2010

Number 3! This week I've decided to skip videos and showcase some funny one-shots comics!

Sailor Lineup by ~SMeadows on deviantART

I know, I know Moonie fans. I know it's sad that Pluto is no longer a planet.
I, myself have my own theory about her, which one day I will post... If I ever finish my Shitennou post.

ONY 109, PLUTO GETS THE SHAFT by ~GuardianSun on deviantART

Pluto's Demotion by ~UndeadPrincess on deviantART

Sorry Pluto by ~ElliasMaidenhowl on deviantART

And another: Pluto's Last Pay Check by careko. They had no embed code.

NOW!!! Moonie fans, check out this beauty! I just love Sakky's fanart and plushies. I want this one so badly!!

Dark Mercury 18" Plush by *sakky-attack on deviantART

First Contest Winner by ~prettyguardian on deviantART

Monday, March 15, 2010

Future Dark Crystal Tokyo Wedding Idea

Now, I know I'm not the only huge Moonie out there who has thought about having a HUGE Sailormoon themed wedding!

My theme will be 'Dark, Crystal Tokyo! Light purple, deep red and black, crystals and future Tokyo items with silk drapes and roses! That way, I won't look like a complete otaku if someone walks in and think, 'Did I walk into a convention?'
My dress will be Serenity inspired, bride's maids will be senshi color inspired... even the groom's men will be dressed in solider style suits. Our song will be My only love; one of the greatest American songs!

My ring... well... you already know what my ring will look like Moonies!

Sailor Moon Wedding Ring by =Pixelmari on deviantART

New layout for Four King Hell!

Congratulations, Four King Hell on the new layout!
I've been complaining for awhile about how the red burns the eyes when reading comments. Yay, someone does listen to me!

Check out the site and read Moonie fans. There has been a lot more new comic pages posted since my last post about the site!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

***Spoiler Alert!!*** I Wonder....

***Spoiler Alert!***

I’ve read all of Code Name: Sailor V

I’ve noticed something about a character:

This is Saitou, an Ex-student from Shiba Koen Junior High School. He comes to visit and like clockwork, 13 year old Minako has a major crush on the guy she has never seen before. I believe Saitou is in 11th grade, making him 17/18 years old.
Doesn’t he look just like Kunzite with short hair? Saitou? Kunzite? Saitou Kun!

HOLD IT! Saitou Kun?!?!
But that’s Saitou Kun! From the first stage musical! Or is it Shin?!
The man who has amnesia from live action!

I love being a Moonie!
WikiMoon should be turned into an real encyclopedia book for Moonies!

To download Code Name: Sailor V check out Neo Nobility

Fanfic - Senshi Villian Usagi Rubeus by DavisJes

It's pouring down rain here in Maryland... work is going soooo slow...
I don't normally read fanfictions any more. Good work is hard to find -is that why I read the whole Twilight saga....? Team Jake-em-ward!

Found this Fanfic a week back and finally sat down to read it.

Senshi Villian Usagi Rubeus by DavisJes

Not the greatest title and has a few noticeable misspelled words but the story is still great, explains a huge wonder I've always asked. Also make sure to read the artist comments and check out the artwork that inspired then Fanfic then leave a NICE comment.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Moon Locket Music, Friday - March 12,2010

It's Moon Locket Music, Friday! Now turn your speakers or headphones up boys and girls... oh yea, and Zoi!

Now to end us off with the Otaku National Anthem!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

About me as a Moonie

About You!

Name: Tina
Nickname: PrettyNeko or Luna
Age: 20
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Fav. Color: Purple
Least Fav. Color: Green, but I still love Sailor Jupiter!
Fav #: 83! (Inside joke)
Fav Food(s): Chinese, sweets, peaches
Least Fav Food(s): Peas, carrots

Moon Addict:
SM Fan since: Late 1998
First time seeing SM: On a cheap blinder, then watched it on Toonami.
Do you plan on stopping your obsession: NEVER!!!!

Have you watched all of DUBBED: I’m not sure
How many times?: Season 1; at least 4 times, Rest at least twice
Own? : I copied some episodes on tape
Seen/own the DUBBED Movies and how many times: R at least 6 times, S at least 4, Super S at least 2. Don’t own .

Have you watched all of SUBBED: Up to 108
How many times: Once
Own?: Shhh…
Seen/own the SUBBED Movies and how many times: R at least 2, S once, SuperS never. Don’t own.
Seen the specials?: Yes, seen Ami’s first love first fandubbed then in Japanese.

Have you watched all of Live Action:
How many times: Twice, second time in 24 hours!
Own?: Shhh!!
Seen the Special Acts, Act Zero, Extras: Seen all special acts 3 times, act zero twice, seen a few random extra stuff.

Have you seen the musicals, If yes; which ones:
Seen of all Anza, some of the next two girls.
How many times: The first few Anza’s musicals, I’ve seen twice.
Own: No

Read the USA manga, how many times: R up to beginning of Super S, once
Own: First Mixx manga

Read the Japanese manga: Sailormoon, once.
Own: No

Have you read Code Name: Sailor V, how many times: Yes, once
Own: YES!

Fav. Ark (i.e. Do you like live action better than anime): I LOVE THEM ALL!! Even otaku arks!
Fav Episodes: I love nearly all the episodes but the episode that stays in my head is (Jap) 31; Loved and Chased! Luna’s Worst Day Ever / (NA) 27; Kitty Chaos. I Love the scene where Zoi is covered by rats and the part where Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter get struck in the alley and Ami falls over and Makoto get a great pantus shot that Ryo wished he could get… or maybe he did…
Least Fav Episode: None
Fav. Song Moon: Anime; Ai no Senshi, Moon Revenge. Live Action; Duh, C’est la vie. Musical; La Solider, La Moon, Sailor War 94’!
Own: Own Luna Rocks
Ever play the games: I think I've nearly played all the real games and a few fan games
Own: No…
What is your SM collection Level: It’s sad and lonely, I can count everything I own on my fingers.
Ever cosplay as a SM character, which one: No…
Otaku cosplay: Planning!
Halloween SM cosplay: I was a black cat
SM LARP: I wished…
Draw fanart: random drawings, nothing great
Fanfic: Only in my head
Anything SM related: My fan blog!! Duh!

Awards Time!

Top Senshi(s): Chibi Moon, Saturn, Mercury
Top Shitennou(s): Zoi Zoi (Not a fan of any of the Shitennou but I love making fun of every form of Zoi)
Top Villian(s)/Lackey(s): Beryl, Amazon Quartet, Musical Amazon Trio, Dr. Tomoe; 'Next time, I want to fly!'
Top Side Character: Ikuko for her ninja skills with a spatula, MOLLY for her New York accent, Naru for taking it for the team…
Top Live Action Character: Ikuko again -I understand why papa wasn’t home; he had to fund her hair and clothes!! Darkury, being bad never looked sexier!! Mio, creepy as hell! Minako; ‘I died bitch.’ Inside joke, can anyone tell me what this is inference of?
Top Musical Sailormoon: I love Anza to death. The props were horrible but the singing was great!
Top Musical Senshi: Hard to say...

Random Time!!

Fruit or Vegetable: Fruit
Black or White: Black
Lights On or Lights Off: Both; whatever you want!
TV or Movie: TV
Car or Truck: Truck
Cash or Check: Cash
Rock or Rap: Rock
Chocolate or Vanilla: Truffles!!!
French Toast or French Fries: French Fries
Strawberries or Blueberries: Strawberries
Cookies or Muffins: Cookies
Winter Break or Spring Break: Spring Break
Hugs or Kisses: Kisses

Who would win? Give a reason; if you want
Moon Vs. Mini Moon: Moon
Mars Vs. Jupiter: Jupiter
Mars Vs. Venus: Mars
Venus Vs. Sailor V: Venus
Mercury Vs. Darkury: Mercury
Mio Vs. Beryl: Mio, sneaky bitch…
Live action Zoisite Vs. Anime Kunzite: Kun
Live Action Beryl Vs. Anime Beryl: Live Action Beryl
Princess Sailormoon Vs. Saturn: Draw
Anime Naru Vs. Live Action Naru: Live Action Naru
Tuxedo Mask Vs. Moonlight Knight: Mask
Kaitou Ace Vs. Tuxedo Mask: Draw

I think thats good enough... NOW TAG SOMEONE!!!
Updated: Forgot a few things and remember Moonies, link back to me! I made this survey!

Classic American Dub Sailormoon... sad...

I watched Sailormoon: Abridged's SMA Remix Ad and Episode 41... heh, such great memories and glad Sailormoon was ruin by Americans 25% less!

WTF?!?! Blue?!?

PLUS!! I know every moonie who watched the dub first seen this commercial...!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Final Battle...?

Just finished watching Season 1 of Sailormoon: Abridged. They made me remember how much I loved the ending battle as a child and yes I cried... Even at 8 years old, I knew they died!!!

Sailor Senshi final battle by ~AstroRobyn on deviantART

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Moon Comedy, Tuesday - March 09, 2010

Welcome to episode 2 of Moon Comedy, Tuesday!!!

Hope you enjoy these 2 videos and 1 photo!!

Now for...
Sailor Brittney Moon!

That's all for this week!! BYE-BII!! Oppies, wrong show...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sailormoon in Five!

Can't think of anything to say.

Sailormoon in Five Minutes!

Make sure to come back tomorrow for Moon Comedy, Tuesday!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Moon Locket Music, Friday - March 5, 2010

The site has Comedy Moon, Tuesday!Now introducing,
Moon Locket Music, Friday!

Drum roll please!!!

First featured artist.... chocolatelover13!!
She has more music but I haven't taken a moment to listen to any of her songs. Doesn't matter, I love this video of her favorite American SM songs sung together seamlessly. Well seamlessly to me, I wasn't watching the video and forgot the lyrics!! chocolatelover13 starts off with my favorite song, My Only Love.

Grandpa Hino isn't afraid of his sexuality!

Odd, in episode 10,

when Rei Hino is introduced into the series, Rei states that;

I wonder if it was just a mistake with translation or Grandpa Hino actually does go both ways (I need to check out some other translators)! That explains why he hired Jadeite and Yuuichirou to come work at the shrine! Eww, grandpa is nasty! PEDO! I’m glad they didn’t cast Grandpa Hino in live action! That would scar young children, mostly the boys!