Thursday, October 28, 2010


I was looking in my favorite's list on Youtube and saw account Megumi33 was taken down for copyrights claims!? I looked more and saw more Sailormoon videos taken down for copyrights. Even a little kid's cosplay videos. The PGSM cellphone ringtone taken down. Even a personal fandub?! I understand the cellphone ring but not the others!! Could this mean... no, no, no I won't say it.

Must a company complain to take down the video or some bored non-sailormoon fan clicking report all day? How can a cosplay have copyright. No one is being paid and in Japan people cosplay all the time on the streets and conventions!! How about we ban them.

'Maybe the SMA group was banned for selling the shirts?' Nothing was posted in the videos about tshirts, only in the text box (could be wrong but I can't check it... youtube banned them). Youtube has no right to ban them for side jobs unless the video displayed the tshirts.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

There should be a Sailormoon Video game too

I've decided to use blogger as the place to show the videos!

Look at this funny video... Oh how I wish for a Sailormoon Xbox 360 game... but sadly is an Hong Kong game ad for some game called VolleyFire

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pirate Fighter Game Video

Random time! This one just shows how easy NES games can be pirated and how popular SM is!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Sims 2 - SM Moon Kingdom

I added very little since I got my new computer


I'm loving the gif at the top of the page!

Sailormoon's Earrings

SailorCodeNameSailorEarth created this cute page about false rumors. The pink hurts my eyes and over 50+ questions!

Just too cool and has SM in it

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Livestream back on (I guess)

Let's see who comes. I have nothing planned. I'm just gonna sit and watch how many people come before I even turn my mic on.

Sailormoon USA Theme -Remix-

I've been holding this video for awhile...

Friday, September 10, 2010

Moonie Collector - September 10, 2010

Unseen (to me) collection items:

Why is there a Sailormoon fortune ball??

This one is cute to me.

Sailormoon's Brooch as a gem mirror
There is more great customs

Something unrelated to Sailormoon but still cool as hell and Sailormoon make a quick appearance! Head to the page and watch part 2!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010


New Four King Hell and the 2nd episode of Sailormoon: Abridged is finally up after Megami33 promised 2 months ago!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Livestream & Meetup

I might do it! I just might do a livestream! Maybe for awhile tomorrow just to test out things but the full show will be next Saturday, Sept 11,2010. I know it's a time of mourning but Sailormoon makes anyone happy!

Come join me! Randomly talk about Sailormoon and listen to lots of SM music (mostly musical)! I will have trivia but no giveaways! I have nothing to give!!

Now relating back to Cycyn and ChibiJen about a 20th Anniversary meetup (since I don't use twitter, I'm posting here).
1.) Where and when?
2.)Do everyone need to pay a fee? To pay off booking the club room and food.
3.) Why not several meet ups link together by webcam. 4; north, east, south, west meet ups at once.

Sorry... I'm a little unrealistic and like planning until I panic...

Like I said, I would love a meet up but I'm not gonna plan... maybe help... but not the head planner.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Let's talk... Hi

Time is not going by fast enough these last few days. My life is lonely.. but I try extra hard to think to the future. I'm learning to manage my money to buy me things I've always wanted... clothes, shoes(kinda), Sailormoon stuff! Starting school soon... next step is renewing my learner's permit, finish the last driving school class and drive more. I have so many fears and one of them is driving... well just cars period. I don't know why, maybe my anxiety is just going to a whole new level in my life.

I had loads of fun at Otakon 2010. Walked the con and danced at the rave until my feet hurt... on Saturday I took a cab 3 blocks to my hotel. But yet... I barely talked to anyone... I did talk to one Sailormoon fan (too lazy to look up how to spell her account name. She likes to cosplay as Seiya and if you know anything about sakky, you know this person) who I follow on DA and Youtube in the artist's room. All and all, I had fun, wished I talked more but Otakon was still great.

A few weeks ago I found this german video of a sailor fan meeting. They looked like they were having so much fun. They cosplayed, sang songs, put on skits then ate Usagi birthday(?) cake (strawberry shortcake, of course). Something like that would be cool here. A whole day of doing sailormoon things. I could never plan out something like that, I would go crazy with planning and money.

Maybe I could just do what Cycyn did, livestream! But I'm so shy about my looks... but I wanna do it! I just hate that others can't talk too... maybe there is a conference program out there. Currently I'm using Skype for voice and video calls now after getting the idea from Sakky's 24 hour livestream. Skype is much clearer and works well with slow connections/processor (not sure what's the problem with the work computer) than Yahoo.. but... would anyone come watch?

Now, to make me and you happy... Happy Belated Birthday, Miku!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Too Lazy

If your seeing this... the daily posting will be down until I get back into the mood of posting

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

Edited: My Collection is Growing!

Otakon has passed and I have yet to show all the cool stuff I got!

Let's start with the items already in my collection;
Now for my new collection!

And now, my baby...

Usagi's ring! My boyfriend gave me a promise ring.

Sounds cheesy when I'm 20 years ago but I been wanting this ring badly.
Edit: He bought it from Ex-Sera Sells member, Pixalmari (I think I spelled that wrong).
She has been temp banned from Sera Sells because of complaints but my boyfriend said he had no problems with her. He gave her the money by payment and he got the items on time.
Plus she stated to me in the past that the ring is made to fit any ring size... I have fat fingers...
I need 11 or 12 ring size. I only got it on my pinky but doesn't matter. To keep my family from freaking out, I'm hiding the ring for awhile

Well, after he left I was thinking about making a Sailor Senshi baby doll. So, I went on and found these beauties! I paid only 39 bucks for them both!!

So, I like the feeling of bidding and went to Ebay. This post is getting a little too long, no photos yet. I bought uniform Makoto holding a bento, Usagi holding a failed test, and Sailor Luna's cell phone! Plus I just bought Sailor Mars petit doll and Sailormoon R poster from Sakky!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Baby MoonWiki

I use Stumbleupon a lot and I found this site. It's almost as if MoonWiki (or is it WikiMoon?)made a baby!
Sailor Moon-Fan History Wiki: The Fandom History Resource
It's perfect to teach new Moonies

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Moon Locket Music - August 21, 2010

Has anyone ever heard this song? On Sailor X (MUGEN fighter) I replaced the OSAP/Game Crown background music with this song. It fits very well!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Moonie Collector Moonlight - August 20, 2010

Handmade: Not sure if I already posted the Sailormoon Piggy but it's too beautiful to not repost another Sailor Piggy

Beruche Piggy Bank Final by ~Heart-of-Amethyst on deviantART

Random 2

Did anyone notice that PGSM Venus and BSSM both have a 'hair fetish'? I'm sleepy moonies...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Moonie Addict - Update profile

About me as a Moonie- Updated!

About Me!

Name: Tina
Nickname: PrettyNeko or Luna
Age: 20
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Fav. Color: Purple
Least Fav. Color: Green, but I still love Sailor Jupiter!
Fav #: 83! (Inside joke)
Fav Food(s): Chinese, anything gummy, peaches, mangos, green apples,
Least Fav Food(s): Peas, carrots


Moon Addict History:
SM Fan since: Late 1998
First time seeing SM: On a cheap blinder, then watched it on Toonami.
Do you plan on stopping your obsession: NEVER!!!!


Count the Times

Have you watched all of (any and which) DUBBED: English; 90% up to Super S
How many times?: Season 1; at least four times, Rest at least twice
Own? : I copied few season 1 episodes on tape
Seen/own the DUBBED Movies and how many times: R at least 6 times, S at least 4, Super S at least 2. Own copies of first 2 movies.
Have you watched all of (any and which) SUBBED: Japanese; all 200
How many times: Once
Own?: Planning to buy the season 1; part 1 boxset within the next 2 months
Seen/own the SUBBED Movies and how many times: R at least 2, S once, SuperS never. Own copies
Seen the specials?: Seen them all. Ami’s First Love fandubbed then in Japanese.
Have you watched all of Live Action:
How many times: Twice, second time in 24 hours!
Own?: Sadly, no
Seen the Special Acts, Act Zero, Extras: Seen all special acts 3 times, act zero twice, seen a few random extra stuff.
Have you seen the musicals, If yes; which ones:
Seen of all Anza, some of the next two girls.
How many times: The first few Anza’s musicals, I’ve seen twice.
Own: No, planning getting Anza's stage boxset.
Read the manga, how many times and which language: English; Currently at the middle of S, once
Own: First Mixx manga
Read the Japanese manga: Can't read Japanese, but I've scanned a few pages
Own: No
Have you read Code Name: Sailor V, how many times: Yes, once
Own: YES!


More about You

Fav. Ark (i.e. Do you like live action better than anime): I LOVE THEM ALL!! Even otaku arks!
Fav Episodes: I love nearly all the episodes but the episode that stays in my head is (Jap) 31; Loved and Chased! Luna’s Worst Day Ever / (NA) 27; Kitty Chaos. I Love the scene where Zoi is covered by rats and the part where Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter get struck in the alley and Ami falls over and Makoto get a great pantus shot that Ryo wished he could get… or maybe he did…
Least Fav Episode: Any episode where Seiya show's his/her face.
Fav. Song Moon: Anime; Ai no Senshi, Moon Revenge. Live Action; C’est la vie(DUH), Sailor Dream. Musical; La Solider, La Moon, Sailor War 94’ and Supreme
Own Any music: Luna Rocks
Ever play the games: I think I've nearly played all the real games and a few fan games
Own: No…
What is your SM collection Level: It's slowly growing and very noticeable
Ever cosplay as a SM character, which one: No…
Otaku cosplay: Planning for this Otakon 2011
Halloween SM cosplay: I was a black cat but it was Luna in my head
SM LARP: I wished…
Draw fanart: random drawings, nothing great
Fanfic: Only in my head
Anything SM related: My fan blog!! Duh!


Awards Time!

Top Senshi(s): Chibi Moon, Saturn, Mercury
Top Shitennou(s): Zoi Zoi (Not a fan of any of the Shitennou but I love making fun of every form of Zoi)
Top Villian(s)/Lackey(s): Beryl, Amazon Quartet, Musical Amazon Trio, Dr. Tomoe; 'Next time, I want to fly!'
Top Side Character: Ikuko for her ninja skills with a spatula, MOLLY for her New York accent, Naru for taking it for the team…
Top Live Action Character: Ikuko again -I understand why papa wasn’t home; he had to fund her hair and clothes!! Darkury, being bad never looked sexier!! Mio, creepy as hell! Minako; ‘I died bitch.’ Inside joke, can anyone tell me what this is inference of?
Top Musical Sailormoon: I love Anza to death. The props were horrible but the singing was great!
Top Musical Senshi: Hard to say...


Random Time!!

Fruit or Vegetable: Fruit
Black or White: Black
Lights On or Lights Off: Both; whatever you want!
TV or Movie: TV
Car or Truck: Truck
Cash or Check: Cash
Rock or Rap: Rock
Chocolate or Vanilla: Truffles!!!
French Toast or French Fries: French Fries
Strawberries or Blueberries: Strawberries
Cookies or Muffins: Cookies
Winter Break or Spring Break: Spring Break
Hugs or Kisses: Kisses

Who would win? Give a reason; if you want

Moon Vs. Mini Moon: Moon
Mars Vs. Jupiter: Jupiter
Mars Vs. Venus: Mars
Venus Vs. Sailor V: Venus
Mercury Vs. Darkury: Mercury
Mio Vs. Beryl: Mio, sneaky bitch…
Live action Zoisite Vs. Anime Kunzite: Kun
Live Action Beryl Vs. Anime Beryl: Live Action Beryl
Princess Sailormoon Vs. Saturn: Draw
Anime Naru Vs. Live Action Naru: Live Action Naru
Tuxedo Mask Vs. Moonlight Knight: Mask
Kaitou Ace Vs. Tuxedo Mask: Draw

Remember Moonies, link back to me!

IF you have a question I should add in, post it in the comments

Moon Comedy - August 16, 2010

Completely random!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

(Some of the) Great Evils

Dark Lady - 'I hate everyone because they forgot my birthday when it's my mom's birthday too!'

Dying for you by *FataleKnights on deviantART

Black Lady by ~x-S-Lawliet-x on deviantART

Rubeus was bad ass in the manga

Rubeus by *Kalisama on deviantART

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lichy's comment

Well new follower Lichy asked be a question in today's comments.

No, I have never cosplayed any anime character.

I'm getting older... and I wanna get my cosplay fun in while I'm still young.

So for next Otakon I'm planning to cosplay in Makoto's uniform and as my Otaku Senshi. Plus my boyfriend will be PGSM Motoki with plush turtle and as my Otaku Senshi's boyfriend (A.K.A. as himself). I've already found a person who sells Makoto's uniform but I hate the skirt, so I'm debating if I should make it myself. Hopely my Senshi will be easy. I already have a 'pattern'.

Also, I'm planning on cosplaying as cat Luna at Youmacon... not sure on any other cosplays for then

Great Queen

Princess Serenity Preview by ~Captain-Pan on deviantART

The Dawn of A New Era by *Kalisama on deviantART

Never Underestimate A Sailor by ~moonstruck26 on deviantART

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Moon Locket Music - August 14, 2010

I have a small obsession with Vocaloids. The music is endless!!

The (male) Vocaloid Senshis singing!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sailor Wars

*Sigh* I finally finished BSSM... It's all over... 12 years of being a Moonie I've finally seen every episode of Japanese SM... To finally know the truth about the ending... to finally see how stupid and ugly Seiya is... to be a slight fan of Yaten (very slight fan)... I wish for more Sailormoon. 20th Anniversary is coming soon. So maybe thoughts and hopes about the future of Sailormoon. Maybe Sailormoon can continue on like Gundam... but COOLER!!!

Now, I just need to finish the Manga and Musicals... plus continue my never ending SM collection!! Pictures coming soon!!!

I will never die...

I'm not dead! I was freaking out about money for Otakon and everything went great! Soon I'll be posting pictures of the items I got from Otakon plus starting back up daily postings!

Let's start off with this...

This is a CM for Hong Kong... Is SM coming back on there?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm gonna do it!

I know what I'm gonna do!!!

I'm just gonna get the first season new Boxset!! Each cost $135.50, so together that's $273 which is $16 cheaper than the first Boxset of Anza. The musical boxset will still be for sale in the future. The DVD came out in 2004, no rush! After the con I'm going to buy both set of BSSM then another set in each month. Maybe if I calm down on spending, the money won't be missed

Monday, July 19, 2010

Being a Moonie...

I've become slightly shopping addicted...
I think it's time to buy something special...

Musical Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen!!!

Meaning the very first SM Musical!!! Only $51.55 from! Seems like a lot for one DVD... maybe I should just buy;

Special Musical Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon Memorial DVD Box - Anza Ohyama Part 1

Which include 1993 Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen, PLUS 1994 Usagi-Ai no Senshi e no Michi, 1995 Yume Senshi-Ai-Eien ni, 1995 Yume Senshi-Ai-Eien ni Saturn Fukkatsu Hen!, and Ongaku Shuu. But nothing extra...
All for only $289.99!

I want the new Sailormoon Boxsets before they sell out but I can only afford the main first stage Boxsets right now now.

SAILORMOON!!! WHY MUST YOU BE SO GREAT!!!! Plus, I'm keeping my fingers cross just like every Moonie... Someone might translate Sailormoon again!! 'Maybe' even a game. Heh, a Wii game sound so kawaii. Maybe Sailor Senshi: Training for the Wii. Just think, solving word problems, puzzles, practicing attack moves. OH OH OH!!! Create your own Sailor Senshi for WII!!!

Sleepy kitty...

No one has missed me? I might line up some good stuff on Wednesday for everyone. I've given up on being known like SMO or Moonkitty. Maybe it's because I have no talent. Can't sing, can't draw, too nervous to make a vblog. But I am good at one thing... finding Sailormoon stuff online!!

One day I will see my name in lights... or posted everywhere online. For now... I will talk to 1 or 2 random people who don't post comments -I SEE U!!!-

Until Wednesday!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Moon Locket Music - July 17, 2010

Some people doing instrumental requests for Otaku-s at Sakura Con 2008. Sounds like their doing a mixture of the English Theme and Moonlight Densetsu.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

StudioMallory Saturn Wand Past Entries

One of my top favorite Senshi is Sailor Saturn and we all know she doesn't get as much spotlight as the other Senshi-s!

I've found more beautiful fan-created henshi lipstick wands!! Sadly these didn't win too... due to their too detailed to be recreated (that's what I believe)!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Moon Locket Music - July 10, 2010

As an USA Moonie, I started watching the DiC's version of SailorMoon on Cartoon Network's Toonami. Beginning of SM: S, DiC discontinued production of SM; Cloverway took over! I watched nearly all the English episodes of SailorMoon up until end of SM: SuperS and never heard many of the Japanese songs, only Moonlight Densetsu and Ai no Senshi from the Luna Rocks CD.

When I got my first computer, I searched everything Sailormoon. I founded my first fandub of SM: SuperS; Ami's First Love! I sat there staring at my screen until the end... and I heard my third favorite Japanese song!! Rashiku Ikimasho!! I've only heard the song a few times years ago but now I'm watching the Toei version of SM: SuperS, I'm hearing the upbeat song all the time!!!

I'm so horrible at pronouncing Japanese words. Lets make it easier for my simple mind and learn the song in English!!

Simple voice, no fancy 'double voice' in the song!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Make Your Own Otaku Senshi - Part 2

Introdrucing, SG's Kisekae Sets; SailorX v2.0! Don't confuse it with Sailormoon X, the mugen fighter game!

SailorX v2.0
uses the UltraKiSS Doll program to allow you to create your Otaku senshi easily! Sadly, it doesn't save every history click you make (or does it?) but it's still easy!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Make Your Own Otaku Senshi - Part 1

When creating your character, it's best to start with a civilian and/or senshi stats sheet.

Name. Age. Height. Weight. ETC.

Then work on your civilian and senshi background story.
Civilian: Is she good with computers? Well known at the arcade? Shopaholic?
Senshi: Does she protect something? Last heir to the 'throne'? Stole a planet crystal? Don't forget logical reason!

Year, time frame is also important too!

Then work out the look of your civilian and/or senshi.

Come back tomorrow to learn how to make your very own senshi without drawing!

Remember, read the whole site; every link! The site is very helpful. There use to be a DA group who proofread character bios but they seem to moved on with their lives.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Moon Fairy

So beautiful... this must be what Endymion saw years ago...
This is one of those photos where you just need to check out the DA profile gallery!

Princess Serenity IV by *marie-carrion on deviantART

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Luna's Make Up

SailorDreamInChina has posted more great performances AND added English and Japanese captions! After watching this video, go re-watch Moon Legend in English!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wonder Baby!

OMG!!! I've obsessed with this one song over night. The Wonder Girls! I don't feel like looking them up but clearly they don't sing in Japanese! Doesn't matter, I love their dance moves and catchy lyrics. Here's my favorite song in English.

If you don't like them... how about this cutie!

Moon Locket Music - July 3, 2010

I love Death Note's 2nd OP, such a crazy song! Now.. presenting Death Moon!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Moon Collection Moonlight - July 2, 2010

Collector: babyangelcrazy08 (AGAIN!)

Reason why I'm showcasing her again...
1.) I never look at all the videos from a person's account
2.) A good collector always gets more than two. 'One to keep at home and look at, one for safe storage and the third to show off to others!'-Hino Rei
3.) Uh.. enjoy?

Fanmade (Buy-able TOO!):

Let's see... I wanna buy Usagi's wedding ring... now Mamoru's Star Watch!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Sides of Shitennou

Since reading Four King Hell and SM: Abridged, my love for the Shitennou has grown 10x stronger. I never really cared for them but my creative mind has given them a place in my Sailormoon world (in my mind).

Darker Shitennou

Dark Lords. Shi-Tenno by ~Vaishravana on deviantART

Visual Kei Shitennou - Lost Souls

Lost Souls by ~Vaishravana on deviantART

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

(Late) Moon Comedy - June 29, 2010

.... Just watch... and I mean watch...

I'm not completely making fun of her singing... her other videos she does sound, (slightly) acceptable (to me)... but... she does this song no justice. But she's not the complete reason why I'm posting this video!


Today is June 30th!!!
Neo Queen Serenity and 'Small Lady' Serenity's birthday!

Today, Neo Queen Serenity would be 32 years young, but don't look a day over 22 years old while 'Small Lady' would be 10 years old but look like a cute 5 year old due to the power of the Silver Crystal.

In the afternoon, a big tea party for all the children. 5 year old Hotaru and Helios are invited of course along with God-Mother, Queen Pluto attending. The handsome looking Mamoru, in his pink apron, will make the white and pink icing, chocolate cake along with Queen Jupiter's help. Once the children are put to bed, the adults will have fun playing old racing and Sailor V games then sing Karaoke like old times! Soon the King and Queen will sneak away at midnight for alone time. In my Sailormoon World, lets just say... Kousagi isn't just in the Parallel world.

Happy Bday Usako and Chibiusa by ~tuxedobunny on deviantART

Royal Family Portrait WIP by *sammywhatammy on deviantART

In the Palace by ~UsagiHikaru on deviantART

Princess Lady Serenity by *Si-chan on deviantART

Moon Princess by ~s0nified on deviantART

Neo II Family by ~bakamiyu on deviantART

Chibi Usa and Kousagi by ~Que-mira-la-noche on deviantART

Kousagi by ~marinachan on deviantART

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nearly 20 years of Sailormoon!!

New poll on the right!
Hope it gets people talking in the chatbox!

Coming SOON!!!

STILL ALIVE!!! The site will be up and running daily on June 30... One of the greatest, happiest day on earth.. or moon!

Well mom is home again... and annoying me to hell in this hot Maryland weather!!

Sitting here at work, staring at the time wishing it was 7pm and cursing the A/C to run colder!! Oh, yeah, trying hard not to pee myself because of the following;

Now to all the Moonies who have never sat down to watch Sailormoon: Abridged... please use the bathroom before watching this video!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

'Do the roar!'

'Do the roar!'

I missed Moonlight Collection (I think I keep calling it by the wrong name!!) on Friday!
I don't even care!! 'Do the roar!' Mawhahaha, the weather sucks!! Hot one minute and cool the next!! I never noticed how much weather sucks until I got a real job with no A/C!

Been catching up on DVDs and movies... very temped to pop in one of the SM Musicals and sing along but I been very antsy with Mturk. Also I been reading NANA!!! I sooooo love NANA, ever since I seen the movies (hated movie 2, Hachi is so dumb). The anime and movie is so dead on to the manga! I find myself wanting to read it more than watch. Heh, Nana should cosplay as Sailor Mars and Hachi as Sailor Venus... maybe Ren as Tuxedo Kamen. Whatever!! 'Do the roar'

Talk, talk, talk... hmmm... lets see... Uhhh... Mom will be home tomorrow! She doing much better now! Why must she come home when I got the day off!!! The Demon Lord is working against me!!

Oh, yeah! I've been seeing some SM items I never seen before in Moonies' collections, I might make rare items (to me) spotlight instead of full collections for awhile.

'Tsuki ni kawatte, oshiokiyo'
'I love you daddy!'

P.S. Don't worry... I went crazy...

P.S. P.S... Check out what 4KH-Frizzy posted on their new blog! Full Moon Pancakes. So simple and childish but I would love if my guy made this for me!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Only Senshi and Cycyn come to my little blog...
What ever...
I'll continue doing daily posts soon. Not sure when. This week has been so tiring. Mom is in the hospital, amazingly, nearly 2 years later. Note, diabetics if you have an infection of any type, have it checked by a doctor! Just don't have it cleaned and let them put a band-aid on it. Have them check and recheck your meds. The hospital gave mom pain meds that her body can't handle... yet again.. 2 years later! I seriously don't trust hospitals! Nurses say their busy... but all their doing is standing around talking.

Saving and making money has become easier with Mturk! I might be addicted too. I made $10 in less than a week... It's not gonna replace a real job; unless you do higher paying HITS (jobs) but it will pay for some wants... like this...

Xbox 360 12 month card - 29.99 The site normally sells them cheap for 34.99 but Father's day dropped it down to 29.99. I'm gonna wait and see before I buy. I have packages coming every week!! I got so annoyed by the many boxes in my house that I went crazy as I ripped them up!!

*Sigh* Otakon and Youmacon '10... here I come!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Silver Millennium - Yume Musical

I finally sat down Tuesday and watched this great Fanmade musical!!! SOOOO COOL!!!
Wish I knew German so I could go see a Yume Musical! Their Youtube account only had song performances but now they have a whole (broken into pieces) video of their great Silver Millennium musical, now with English subtitles!

The performance is broken up into five pieces and the whole musical is only less than a hour long

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Moon Comedy June 15, 2010

Aerodynamics by *Iyou on deviantART

The daily SM posting will be put on hiatus. Everything is auto-posted and the site feels so informal. Barely no more post comments or comes to the site daily anymore. I love getting great finds out to other Moonies and the site doesn't take up time in my life. SOOOO, for two weeks, average of 4 posts a week until I see my stats raise back up! Tell your other Moonie friends or I'm gone forever!!!

Just kidding!! But seriously, no daily posting for 2 weeks, I need to build up my finds 'bank'!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


To make some extra money for Otakon and Youmacon '10, I started using a new site which I'm making money faster than before! Already got 30 bucks in less than 2 weeks!! Plus I got more coming.

Do surveys, polls, check websites... even other jobs that computers just can't do. Paid ranging from $.01-$10.00+. I personally haven't done anything worth more than .75 but the .01 polls take less than 15 seconds! Amazon Mechanical Turk has been out for about 5 years now. Once you hit $10, you can cash out to your bank account! Connection to AmazonPayments and the bank account only took only 2 days, plus I got some extra change! Withdraws took only 3 days for me!

SOOOO easy!!! Easy to do when you have extra time at home or work!

Well, I been doing the super easy, less than 15 second poll for .01. The polls are about your opinion on latest news.... Today asking me about what I think of the latest movies started to repeat and bore me... then suddenly... DOUBLE TAKE!!! I see this!!!

A very few times the HITS (jobs) asked me things about Naruto but I hope this is a hint... They even included Stars in the list!


A great day!!! Off from work today and started my afternoon (over slept) off with some Namie Amuro-Play CD. I love Future>Past but nothing can beat her Play CD. Dancing and nearly busting my butt... I check my daily websites of money making sites, Anime News Network and

'New Four King Hell!' Looking even crisper and just as funny!! Plus if my small group of followers stop reading them, they have another new background!! I liked the old newspaper style but it just wasn't giving the kawaii look of Sailormoon.

Favorite Fandom:

1. Four King Hell
2. Sailormoon: Abridged - New Season is currectly only on Youtube
3. Moonsticks - ChibiJen, if you see this... sorry!! You don't update enough for me!!
4. 'Stalking' Sakky - heh... I just love her artwork and cosplay

I have an account on DeviantART and Youtube... so many accounts I follow!!! On DA, I follow 230+ people... only 90% draw Sailormoon!! That's how I find so many great stuff!!!

Our Present and Future

Usagi-Tsukino-krv is beautiful like normal

2 moon by ~Usagi-Tsukino-krv on deviantART