Monday, May 31, 2010

Dark Queen

Just looking at this makes me wish for a live action Sailormoon movie!!
You must check out her gallery!!

Who calls me by ~Usagi-Tsukino-krv on deviantART

Yay, a post for every day of the month! I'm not stopping!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


I love fanart and I love comics!!

My favorite and current reads!!

Silver Legacy by winetta
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3 Not Finished

Moonsticks by Chibi Jen


Four King Hell by Frizzy

I wanna sit down and read Kibate's Sailormoon CS
or read the Naru, Sailor Earth fan comic!
Submit your favorite's to me!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Moonie Collection Moonlight - May 28, 2010

Moonie Collector: mizu_no_ryuu
I don't remember how I found this LiveJournal account but I think current and new Moonie collectors should take note to how this person displays their collection!
They have everything setup in glass window bookcases and what looks like a windowless attic or they have sun blocking curtains. Direct sun light can melt your figures and fade boxes!
Plus draws to put all the little extras in so they won't get lost.

Handmade: coyoterose

I think this looks dead on. Well, what do I know... I've never seen Stars!

Sailor Chibi-Chibi Moon Staff by ~coyoterose on deviantART

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jerk Alert!

Jerk Alert... xD by ~Li-rin on deviantART

I found this nice sewing site with a great sewing trick. Hide your zippers!
I think the zipper showing on the sailor fuku is odd. I vision the fuku to be formed like a leotard with no zipper but sometimes people like to go an extra step!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SMA Season 2!/Baltimore Moonie Friend Find

Sailormoon: The Abridged Series has finally posted the first episode of Season 2 on YouTube!!! I laughed sooooo hard!!!

Also, I was thinking... planning a Moonie Addict get-together with some Moonies at Otakon '10 but I'm the most shyest person in this world!!! I may act loud and silly online but in real life... quiet. I always attend the SM panel and rush to every photoshot I can find... but I barely say three words to people.

Looking for a Baltimore Moonie Friend or even just someone to chat with by Yahoo Messenger!

Moon Comedy - May 25, 2010

Behind the scenes!

Sailor Moon doodles by ~alasta on deviantART

Time for dinner by ~Sayuri-P on deviantART

Usagi likes Host Clubs. (He's from Host Club, right?)

Jealousy by ~SailorOdango on deviantART

Monday, May 24, 2010

I will save us

I really want a SM related tattoo... but should I dare getting something this big!?! Brave lucky person!!

Moon Revenge - Usagi Tattoo by ~isma-angel on deviantART

Watashi tachi ni Naritakute - SM SS (Piano)

Haven't watched Japanese SM SS but I'm guessing this song is dead on!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mata mata Chibi Usa desu

I dance every time too!

This one is for Cycyn! Can't wait for the live chat tonight!
Lol, picture Seiya as Jacob!

New Moon by *Lizeth on deviantART

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

La Soldier (Eng Fandub)

The best easiest lyrics! It won't take me long to remember this song!!
I already learned Christina Vee's Moonlight Densetsu lyrics in three days.
La Soldier will take me a least a week!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Sometimes I feel like I do things with no thanks or it goes unnoticed.
It's hard for me not to get sad but then I just remember my favorite SM episode or sing La Moon and dance in my head.
Yes, Sailormoon makes me sad but it gives me hope at the same time.

I'm tired of all the click, click, clicks trying to make pennies a day. .30+ cents a day is not bad when you need extra cash and got lots of extra time at work and home. Currently I'm more into this focus group. $15 just the first week! I wonder how long it will last!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Love you!

Fighting evil by moonlight....
Winning love by daylight...

Feeling much better now. Back to my PC game obsession; MapleStory. My XBOX 360 is getting dusty. My brother gave me some games months ago and I've grown tired of Fable 2 and not really into Brutal Legend. I wanna buy Street Fighter 4, I miss the old days.

90% of my tiny pay check is going to my savings and all survey money too. So I will have a nice penny for Otakon! (Thank god I live rent free with my parents!)

I'm testing myself. I'm setting my blog to auto post every single day with one SM item. So Moonies can check me out every single day for their Moonie fix!! If I find something that is just needing to be posted right away, it'll go up too. How long can this last?!

Moonie Collection Moonlight - May 14, 2010

I'm jealous of people... I can't wait for Otakon.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sailor Training

I always wondered about training time... the anime only shows them studying but only, I'm guessing, they were shown training once!


I found this one in Sakky's favorites. I laughed so hard!

I have Mugen downloaded from on my computer and it moves too fast for me to play it. I think a NPCs battle sounds good to end boredom.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Only if your blind...

I was looking for some cheap Sailormoon items to add to my collection... this is what I found.

Is there something wrong with this picture or is it just me?

Only $9.99. Even if your not a Moonie, I think the mistake is very noticeable.

Back to work

Sunday was Mother's day. I didn't feel like cooking for mom, so she suggested Boston Market. We go online to find a coupon and learn we can order online. She picks meatloaf and roasted chicken with lots of sides. My parents ate around 6pm while I didn't eat until around 7pm; too into a new fighting game.

By 11pm I wasn't feeling right. As a thoughtless eater, I ate a piece of mixed fruit I had forgot from dinner. One bite made me feel sick. So I got in bed a little early.

3:30am, I'm sick as hell.

My parents were already sick before me...yet I had it worst.

Two days.

Now, I'm so weak; finally I can eat but I don't have the urge, and my clothes are so baggy.

I love Boston Market food but I think someone was rushing when my order was made at 3pm for around 7pm.

Gonna take a Moonie break. If no one has noticed, I got posts being auto posting until Friday.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sailormoon Crossover

Never in my life time would I think 'I want to see this crossover!!' I've always hated this cross over as a kid. It's nice to think about who fights who, who dates who, who hates who but sometimes it just don't work out realistic . But this video changes my mind. Watch the video!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Think Green

Fighting urges to buy things... fighting urges to buy and eat junk food.
Soooooo hard...

What would Usagi do? Hold it... scratch that.
What would Rei do?

Need to focus, no more looking at clothes and serasell!
Saturdays suck for surveys, I've been reduced to clicking sites to make money today!!
Very soon I'll hit the $200 mark off doing these surveys and site clicks.
Money is coming faster and faster but I keep spending %50 of it.
I must think like Ami and save!!!

Eternal Sailor Saturn

I am offically at the beginning of Super S. Then on to the never before seen, Stars. I've seen so many clips and art work of Stars. The fuku from Stars and the artbook is very different.

Stars shows my top favorite senshi again, Sailor Saturn with a little more senshi personality, yet things about her is not clearly shown. So, fans must fill in the gaps. Here's my favorite lipstick rod, transformation and attack fan videos! I'm a very picky girl when it comes down to SM things.

Watch the whole video for a great American, first season Serena sound-a-like.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I remember 8th grade... Running home, grabbing my Goofy phone and calling my two best friends on three way. Then two of us must remember to tell our other friend what is happening because she didn't have cable. Sitting arm lenght from the tv screen, my brother jumpping up and yelling out 'Latino Heat' when ever Tuxedo Mask came on screen. Missing a great snow day just to watch Sailormoon. Crying at the end battle when the scouts all died. Yelling out 'Moon Prism Power!' Trading cards and necklaces. Oh, Serena...

I hope to pass on Sailormoon to my daughters (or sons)...

Note: 'Latino Heat' was the catchphrase for a wrestler; Eddie Guerrero. Yes, I was and still (partial) a fan of WWE. I love me some Orton!! Ain't he yummy?!?!?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Moon Comedy - May 4, 2010

A new day...

Feeling happy today! Slept great last night. Nothing like being insulted to make you think over your life.

Everyone can see I was very mad about what that person said about me but thinking back, what they said about me is not true. I'm not forcing nothing on my boyfriend. I simply meant I would like to theme it around Sailormoon, not act like Sailormoon; I.E colors. Who cares. I've heard it all from A to Z. I'm 20 years old and I got no time for it. This is not high school... and I'm glad!

Anyway... It's Tuesday. Let's see... let's see. Let me dig in my Moonie goodies bag. No, No, maybe next time, oh I got one! Even shows how I felt last night!!

Moon Scepter Concussion by ~Maqqy96 on deviantART

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sailor War

Today, I checked statcounter and saw a new location of which people were coming to my site.
I joined up to this Sailormoon Forum that sorta looked welcoming...
I had to wait to get admin's permisson to access the site.
Checking my email, I'm in!
Title of the forum topic; Sailormoon Forum-You Fail...

Why am I posted there? Hmmm... odd

I start skimming the posts of people who are put into a tiny box.

A beautiful quote from YingGirl:

"Oh fandom. When people think you love anime, just remember, there will always be someone more obsessed than you.

This site proves why I left the Sailor Moon fandom.

And the article that drove me to this site, was this."
This is my response to those assholes who talk down about Moonies...

"Thanks for looking at my crazy obsession of a blog to Sailormoon. The post about the SM theme wedding is just a dream. Not something I would completely make real. My boyfriend is not a mamo replacement. He is nothing like mamo nor do I want him to be a mamo copy. All females have a vision of their wedding, being it a spring themed or anime themed. It's my wish, my life, my choice. I am not inviteing any of the douche bags from this site who puts down moonies. We r people. Wha about people who obesse over Star Wars or Star Trek. We r no odder than them. Just because you lived a life of people putting you down, telling you how to live, doesn't mean I must fit your vision of normalcy. I respect your a opinion, I respect that an anime themed wedding is quite odd but this is my fucking life. Your posting of my blog just makes me want to continue it more. Thank you for your great support, I was having doubts about if anyone cared about the site!

Sincerely, Tina R. A.K.A. xXPrettyNekoXx"

I will not post the site link of who talked down upon me nor will I continue reading any other posts on the forum. Like I stated in a blog posts not too long ago... I hid my Sailormoon obsession for many many years, I did not show people the true Tina. I will not hold back for no one. I have lost valuable time and energy being someone I'm not. I will continue to post my beliefs, my views, my visions, whatever the fuck I want to post on my blog. If other people can't look to me as a leader.. then... fuck you... stay off my blog... and have a nice day.

Moonie Addiction will not end until I say so...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

If USA had a SM Movie

No words... it was nearly 12am when I found this and I was tired as hell. Being up since 7am every single day is hard on me. Sleep 1am-7am.. with 4 hours of REM sleep.

Yes, Americans can make a good SM movie.. but I see this as if top movie companies produced SM.


I have lots of videos including for Moonie Collection Moonlight.

Promised myself to get back to work on my mini project... photoshop is a bitch...

And, Hopefully will work on my Sims 2, SM sims and post some photos of all my created characters.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sailor Maple!

SOOOOO KAWAII!!! I searched my two favorite things and this is what I got!!

Plus, here is the stats from the poll!

Remember to sign up by clicking my ref link!!


Omg, I can't believe it! I thought it would never happen!!

Someone was nice enough to donate to me!!

Thank you SO much, Ryan B.!!
I don't know who you are, but I love you!

I'm still alive!!

It's a new month... Not as tired as before.

I finally have internet back at home after it's been turned off since Oct 2008! SO, I've been doing less internet searching at work and updating my computer at home. I have OCD when it comes down to things on my computer. Over the year, I've been throwing things into random folders and got double files. Once that is all cleaned up, I'm back to being an obsessed Moonie with a clean, clear computer!!

Also, try signing up to one of the side survey sites! Sign up to Toluna is most preferred!
Saving for Otakon has slowed down over the pass month. You don't even have to use the account, just sign up, verify and leave the account open for a few days! It's quick and easy without having to give me your own money!

New Poll!!

Internet installation... by ~Myztic-Beauty on deviantART