Saturday, January 2, 2010

Royal Families

My first post!

I wonder...

Every Sailor Senshi has their own kingdom and the girls were the Princess' court, correct? Correct! They lived on the moon to closely protect her, correct? Correct! When Queen Beryl came, she killed Prince Endymion and Princess Serenity (she killed herself in the manga!) along with her court; the Sailor Senshi. Well, did Queen Beryl only attack the moon? Or did she attack the Outer Sol System giving reason for the Outers to be sent to Earth? My views on the Outers: they protected the outer limits of the kingdom and were killed as Queen Beryl arrived on the moon. With the Inners living on the moon at all times, they were killed by Beryls dark magic. If the Dark Moon only attacked the moon and was sealed away there by Queen Serenity, then there is still royal life on the other planets since the Queen had very little strength left to send the group to future Earth. That means, the Inners and Outers left behind mothers (which would be Queen Serenity's court), fathers, brothers, sisters, etc., who are still alive and on their own planets watching over the Earth as the girls grow up into royal soldiers of the Sol System... The only royal families that may not have survived are the Outer families; depending how close they are to the Earth.

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In the name of the Darkmoon, I shall punish you!

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