Friday, January 15, 2010

Hentai Kamen

On I like to watch random Sailormoon related videos. I am somewhat following CodenameSailorEarth on his/her’s DIC vs. Toei (English vs. Japanese version) videos. The video, DIC vs. Toei – Usagi’s First Kiss shows the differences of the two versions. The Toei version, near the end shows Usagi grabbing a glass of pretty ‘punch’ and becomes tipsy after clearly one drink.

‘Tuxedo Kamen’ comes from behind and holds up the sleeping Usagi, leading her out onto an empty balcony where he props her up against a pillar.

In his thoughts, Mamoru believes he is having déjà vu, and it maybe a key to unlocking his memories.

Usagi’s eyes open then close and he kisses her… kissing a half asleep girl on a dark balcony. Something is not right now. Weren’t Ami and Rei watching Usagi? Oh, no! Mamo is a Hentai!


The Shitennou (Generals) post is still being worked on. Should be ready by tomorrow, or something else will be posted.

Final Edit by Shadowmaster

In the name of the Darkmoon, I shall punish you!

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