Thursday, September 2, 2010

Let's talk... Hi

Time is not going by fast enough these last few days. My life is lonely.. but I try extra hard to think to the future. I'm learning to manage my money to buy me things I've always wanted... clothes, shoes(kinda), Sailormoon stuff! Starting school soon... next step is renewing my learner's permit, finish the last driving school class and drive more. I have so many fears and one of them is driving... well just cars period. I don't know why, maybe my anxiety is just going to a whole new level in my life.

I had loads of fun at Otakon 2010. Walked the con and danced at the rave until my feet hurt... on Saturday I took a cab 3 blocks to my hotel. But yet... I barely talked to anyone... I did talk to one Sailormoon fan (too lazy to look up how to spell her account name. She likes to cosplay as Seiya and if you know anything about sakky, you know this person) who I follow on DA and Youtube in the artist's room. All and all, I had fun, wished I talked more but Otakon was still great.

A few weeks ago I found this german video of a sailor fan meeting. They looked like they were having so much fun. They cosplayed, sang songs, put on skits then ate Usagi birthday(?) cake (strawberry shortcake, of course). Something like that would be cool here. A whole day of doing sailormoon things. I could never plan out something like that, I would go crazy with planning and money.

Maybe I could just do what Cycyn did, livestream! But I'm so shy about my looks... but I wanna do it! I just hate that others can't talk too... maybe there is a conference program out there. Currently I'm using Skype for voice and video calls now after getting the idea from Sakky's 24 hour livestream. Skype is much clearer and works well with slow connections/processor (not sure what's the problem with the work computer) than Yahoo.. but... would anyone come watch?

Now, to make me and you happy... Happy Belated Birthday, Miku!!

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  1. Having a Sailor Moon convention would be cool! I wouldn;t know how to start it, but I hope day someone will. XD

    If you want to use livestream and dont want anyone to see you, you can put a picture in front of the camera. Maybe an otaku senshi or a pic of Sailor Moon. Skype is a good program, I have it also. Thats not a bad idea too. ^^