Saturday, September 4, 2010

Livestream & Meetup

I might do it! I just might do a livestream! Maybe for awhile tomorrow just to test out things but the full show will be next Saturday, Sept 11,2010. I know it's a time of mourning but Sailormoon makes anyone happy!

Come join me! Randomly talk about Sailormoon and listen to lots of SM music (mostly musical)! I will have trivia but no giveaways! I have nothing to give!!

Now relating back to Cycyn and ChibiJen about a 20th Anniversary meetup (since I don't use twitter, I'm posting here).
1.) Where and when?
2.)Do everyone need to pay a fee? To pay off booking the club room and food.
3.) Why not several meet ups link together by webcam. 4; north, east, south, west meet ups at once.

Sorry... I'm a little unrealistic and like planning until I panic...

Like I said, I would love a meet up but I'm not gonna plan... maybe help... but not the head planner.


  1. Nooooooooo!!!!!!!! I'm gong to miss your livestream?!?!!! Nooooeeeeessssssssss T.T

    I've been outta town and checking online via iphone, but I can't see livestream on my phone TwT....

    And about the20th anniversary, we are just starting to talk about it. Jen, Brad and I made this pact to meet up in 2012 in Japan, but no specific plans... But I started thinking about it and we would have to put together an interesting event to get Moonies exited to join us... Maybe a tour of places of the manga, anime and live action, a visit to anime stores to find Moonie merch, maybe a party like the one you posted, maybe a mini-convention thing with vendors and guests and Naoko herself, maybe all of the above.... Who knows!?!? We can certainly dream and fly high, that's the only way to achieve anything, right?

    Of course most of us are broke so we'd also have to find some kind of bundle with hotels and transportations. Lots of work but worth it if we gather a bunch of Moonies....

  2. Maybe we can do what Sakky did for her 24 hour live stream... we can do a double feature... me and u can livestream together! HA! Maybe I'll just do another live stream when your back in town... just for you; my number one fan (don't be jealous Senshi. Your #1 1/2).

    A pact to meet up in 2012, sounds cool! Around the time I will finally save enough for Japan!

  3. A Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary meet up in Japan?! That sounds really cool, especially if a lot of Moonies are gathering together! ^o^(I kinda stopped following on Twitter for a while now. I've been to busy to catch up & taking care of my account, lol) I don't know if by then if I'll even have enough money for it, maybe I will, only one can hope. XD

    The livestream chat is a really cool idea and I hope I can attend it when you reschedule it. A double feature would be cool also!

    Oh, no worries, I'm not jealous. If it wasn't for Cyn, I wouldn't have found your blog. Plus #1 1/2 is a cool & unique fan number!! ^o^