Tuesday, March 8, 2011

30 days of Moonie Questions!: Day One

Let's try something new! 30 days of Moonie Questions!

I will be posting this here and on tumblr; my side blog! I want all my followers to answer! Let's get to know each other!

1.) When did you start watching Sailor Moon?

I started some time in 1998 around the beginning of the school year. I went to the store with my grandmother and mother the other day and my grandmother brought me a notebook binder with Sailormoon on the front. But I had no clue who the sailor suited hero was nor did I know the channel Cartoon Network. The next day A classmate saw my notebook binder and told me about her. So I made my first best friend and became in love with Sailormoon and her Sailor Scouts (Senshi). I rarely speak to that old friend now but Serena(Usagi) has struck beside me through happy and rough times.

Now, thats my story. Tell me yours!

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  1. For me I can't remember the exact age, maybe I was six, I don't know. All I remember is that I watched it when it was on TV when I was young and that it was many years ago. Then when I got older I found disc one of Sailor Moon at civic video (hardly watchable with the massive amount of scratches). I then watched it, loved it, and got my dad to copy it. Then a few years later I was shopping then found Sailor Moon for sale, I bought disc five. Unfortunately this was before I knew what bootlegs were, as these discs were bootlegs. I started to grow a bit of an interest in it and bought more, but unfortunately only had five up and didn't have all of the discs for season 1 and 2. Then when I was in year six of primary school, I was put in a class of mixed year 5's and 6's, I then met some girls in year 5 who became my friends, who happened to bring Sailor Moon colouring in sheets one day. Astonished I asked if they were fans of Sailor Moon, and they said yes, and then we became good friends. I then found out there were more seasons then season 1 and 2, and me and my friend Georgia became obsessed with it (and I'm still obsessed with it).