Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crystal Moon News

Sorry about the missing 30 day posts. I totally forgot I start new classes and freaked out more than I should had. (And I forgot to post this!) New classes where I'm totally clueless in the class and the text book is actually interesting to me!
Crystal Moon News!

I have finally finished the Sailor Moon manga!!
On the same note!!!
Kodansha USA is re-translating BSSM AND for the first time in English Codename: Sailor V!!!
All sources are confirmed!
Rightstuf.com has already started pre-order for SailorMoon and Sailor V. Only $8.49+shipping for the September 13, 2011 date!
Kodansha USA will give us the Japanese 2003 updated version of the twelve mangas and two short stories mangas bi-monthly along with the two updated Sailor V mangas.

Other Moonies and I are hopeful that this isn't the only great Moonie news coming!

Oh yeah, still don't believe me.. even ABC news posted about the great news!

Now, onwards to other Moonie News!

New 4KH comic (or comics?)

Sailor Moon Abridge is bring back their bloopers.

Sailor Dees from Moon Chase has posted a Sailor Moon: La Luna Splende Review.

Cyncyn from Sailormoon Obsession is doing another 'Fill in teh Blank' contest!

Kaosu Studios has presented us with a teaser of episode 2

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