Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sailormoon Mentions in Movies

Sailormoon is everywhere!! Can't wait when people remember it again...

Towards the end of clip.

Even War of the Worlds. Do you know any?


  1. This is AMAZING. I had no idea Sailor Moon was in War of the Worlds! Actually, now that you've reminded me, I feel like someone else told me this...but I haven't seen the scene for myself. That's great. Even better that they actually kept the video footage, even for a brief second.

    The second video is also cute. =) What strikes me more than the Sailor Moon shout-out is that the Indian girl there is an actor named Rekha Sharma, who had a *really* great role on Battlestar Galactica...and from what I can tell, that's not her real accent. =)

  2. Edit: I didn't watch the whole thing through, just a bit near the beginning and then the ending...when Rekha says "quite strange also" in a thick Indian accent, I assumed she was putting it on for her character. Then I watched it through and heard her speaking with an American accent. >_< I'm sillyyy. =P

  3. Yep I remember that thing on War of The Worlds, I was like the ONLY one excited about it at the time :p

    The second video, is cool, but I don't like Moonie sttuff being called "crap" T.T