Monday, February 15, 2010

Four King Hell's Creator's Website

I'm so bored like normal. Too lazy to watch SM. I been searching around on Four King Hell and found the creator's website.

Wait, What? (Rewind) :: A Sailor Moon Hodgepodge

The site has some articles about Sailormoon sightings, an image gallery, adoptables, photo frames and letter sets to print out. I wish I had Sailormoon friends because the site even has beautiful gift tags!

The site has one article that had me agreeing and laughing at the same time!

Top 10 - Worst Decisions in the History of Sailor Moon
And it means the top 10!


I found a livejournal fueled by the Shitennou. Read everything! Read every posting and replies!!! Please, harass the creator to make more posts!!

Four King Hell-livejournal

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