Monday, February 15, 2010

My Sailormoon Collection!! AND ROSES!!

My moonie collection is very small after 12 years of being a fan! I would have 2 more items; Black Lady doll and Ribbon Locket. The doll was taken by a teacher in 3rd grade and baka me gave the ribbon locket to my best friend, who never gave it back.

I have all 3 original Sailor V comics, 1 Sailormoon.

Only one of each, baka me didn't grab more at the empty b-day party

The blinder was given to me by my grandmother 12 years ago, right before I knew of SM.

Does anyone know if this Chibi Moon doll is real. I believe its Italy released.

I am planning to buy a lot more at Otakon 2010!! Please help, sign up to some of these survey sites! Maybe I should set up a donate banner. But I don't wanna beg...

Oh yeah, my roses!! Thankie, Arty!!

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  1. Nice Collection!

    Your going to Otakon?! Me too!