Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Make Your Own Otaku Senshi - Part 1

When creating your character, it's best to start with a civilian and/or senshi stats sheet.

Name. Age. Height. Weight. ETC.

Then work on your civilian and senshi background story.
Civilian: Is she good with computers? Well known at the arcade? Shopaholic?
Senshi: Does she protect something? Last heir to the 'throne'? Stole a planet crystal? Don't forget logical reason!

Year, time frame is also important too!

Then work out the look of your civilian and/or senshi.

Come back tomorrow to learn how to make your very own senshi without drawing!

Remember, read the whole site; every link! The site is very helpful. There use to be a DA group who proofread character bios but they seem to moved on with their lives.

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