Monday, July 19, 2010

Sleepy kitty...

No one has missed me? I might line up some good stuff on Wednesday for everyone. I've given up on being known like SMO or Moonkitty. Maybe it's because I have no talent. Can't sing, can't draw, too nervous to make a vblog. But I am good at one thing... finding Sailormoon stuff online!!

One day I will see my name in lights... or posted everywhere online. For now... I will talk to 1 or 2 random people who don't post comments -I SEE U!!!-

Until Wednesday!!

1 comment:

  1. Aww don't say that! They didn't get popular over night. Moonkitty took a while to be popular. His site at first was just an information site about all the cats in Sailor Moon. After a couple of years, he decided to change it into what it is today. I know this because I used to go to his site for info about the cats. ^^;;

    I used to have my own Sailor Moon site with info, games, pictures, etc.. I was also hoping it to be a popular site too, but unfortunatly it didn't even though I had quite a few visitors. I closed it down years ago since I didn't have enough time for it.

    You have to give it sometime for that to happen. Plus I've noticed that if you have a passion for something you should do it because people will notice it and will visit often.