Sunday, August 8, 2010

I will never die...

I'm not dead! I was freaking out about money for Otakon and everything went great! Soon I'll be posting pictures of the items I got from Otakon plus starting back up daily postings!

Let's start off with this...

This is a CM for Hong Kong... Is SM coming back on there?


  1. Oh wow! great find! I guess they are reviving Sailor Moon too.

    After a while I just noticed, they have 2 different girls playing the same characters. Like the actress that plays Usagi isn't the same actress who plays Sailor Moon, lol.

  2. Glad to hear you enjoyed Otakon, too bad I didn't see you there. :(

  3. I posted your link, and gave credit to you, on the genvid forums. (

    From what others found out, its a commercial of the old chinese Sailor Moon voice actors showing that they will be "reviving their roles" when they re-air their Sailor Moon dub. Looks like China is the next country to get Sailor Moon. I wonder when the US will finally get it. ^^