Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sailor Wars

*Sigh* I finally finished BSSM... It's all over... 12 years of being a Moonie I've finally seen every episode of Japanese SM... To finally know the truth about the ending... to finally see how stupid and ugly Seiya is... to be a slight fan of Yaten (very slight fan)... I wish for more Sailormoon. 20th Anniversary is coming soon. So maybe thoughts and hopes about the future of Sailormoon. Maybe Sailormoon can continue on like Gundam... but COOLER!!!

Now, I just need to finish the Manga and Musicals... plus continue my never ending SM collection!! Pictures coming soon!!!


  1. AWww don't hate on Seiya. We know Mamoru is the one for Usagi but Seiya was willing to fight for her with her life until the very end.

  2. I like... Seiya.. I think he's awesome... >.>

    You'll love the manga! I've only seen a handful of the musicals, but from what I've seen its good too. Its a new take on Sailor Moon, so you can't judge it based on the anime. I did that at first and it doesnt match up well.