Monday, August 30, 2010

Edited: My Collection is Growing!

Otakon has passed and I have yet to show all the cool stuff I got!

Let's start with the items already in my collection;
Now for my new collection!

And now, my baby...

Usagi's ring! My boyfriend gave me a promise ring.

Sounds cheesy when I'm 20 years ago but I been wanting this ring badly.
Edit: He bought it from Ex-Sera Sells member, Pixalmari (I think I spelled that wrong).
She has been temp banned from Sera Sells because of complaints but my boyfriend said he had no problems with her. He gave her the money by payment and he got the items on time.
Plus she stated to me in the past that the ring is made to fit any ring size... I have fat fingers...
I need 11 or 12 ring size. I only got it on my pinky but doesn't matter. To keep my family from freaking out, I'm hiding the ring for awhile

Well, after he left I was thinking about making a Sailor Senshi baby doll. So, I went on and found these beauties! I paid only 39 bucks for them both!!

So, I like the feeling of bidding and went to Ebay. This post is getting a little too long, no photos yet. I bought uniform Makoto holding a bento, Usagi holding a failed test, and Sailor Luna's cell phone! Plus I just bought Sailor Mars petit doll and Sailormoon R poster from Sakky!


  1. Wow!! I didn't see most of that at Otakon! Even Usagi's ring?! I wish I had a bf who buy me one... or I'll just get it myself. XD

    Lots of great items!! Lucky you!!

  2. I looove that ring and your collection looks sooo nice (I wanna steal all these items XD)