Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lichy's comment

Well new follower Lichy asked be a question in today's comments.

No, I have never cosplayed any anime character.

I'm getting older... and I wanna get my cosplay fun in while I'm still young.

So for next Otakon I'm planning to cosplay in Makoto's uniform and as my Otaku Senshi. Plus my boyfriend will be PGSM Motoki with plush turtle and as my Otaku Senshi's boyfriend (A.K.A. as himself). I've already found a person who sells Makoto's uniform but I hate the skirt, so I'm debating if I should make it myself. Hopely my Senshi will be easy. I already have a 'pattern'.

Also, I'm planning on cosplaying as cat Luna at Youmacon... not sure on any other cosplays for then

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  1. ooh, thank you for your answer :) it sure sounds neat, with your bf involved and everything :) So Mako-chan is your favourite character?