Saturday, June 19, 2010

'Do the roar!'

'Do the roar!'

I missed Moonlight Collection (I think I keep calling it by the wrong name!!) on Friday!
I don't even care!! 'Do the roar!' Mawhahaha, the weather sucks!! Hot one minute and cool the next!! I never noticed how much weather sucks until I got a real job with no A/C!

Been catching up on DVDs and movies... very temped to pop in one of the SM Musicals and sing along but I been very antsy with Mturk. Also I been reading NANA!!! I sooooo love NANA, ever since I seen the movies (hated movie 2, Hachi is so dumb). The anime and movie is so dead on to the manga! I find myself wanting to read it more than watch. Heh, Nana should cosplay as Sailor Mars and Hachi as Sailor Venus... maybe Ren as Tuxedo Kamen. Whatever!! 'Do the roar'

Talk, talk, talk... hmmm... lets see... Uhhh... Mom will be home tomorrow! She doing much better now! Why must she come home when I got the day off!!! The Demon Lord is working against me!!

Oh, yeah! I've been seeing some SM items I never seen before in Moonies' collections, I might make rare items (to me) spotlight instead of full collections for awhile.

'Tsuki ni kawatte, oshiokiyo'
'I love you daddy!'

P.S. Don't worry... I went crazy...

P.S. P.S... Check out what 4KH-Frizzy posted on their new blog! Full Moon Pancakes. So simple and childish but I would love if my guy made this for me!


  1. Glad to hear that your mom is doing well!

    I also enjoy Nana, but I've only seen the anime. I'm hoping they will continue the anime. Hachi should have stayed with Nobu! >.<

  2. I love NANA, it's one of my favorite anime and manga.

    Unfortunately, for quite some time now (I think over a year so far?), the manga-ka, Ai Yazawa, put her manga series on hiatus since she came down with a serious illness.

    I heard that they wanted to do another anime season but only after the manga is complete.

    I guess we'll just have to wait and see and hope that she gets better.