Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Moon Comedy - June 01, 2010

The start of Usagi-chan month! Hop, Hop, Hot, Hop, Hop, Hop. Heh...

YoukaiYume is making me start to like Seiya when I know nothing about her.

Seiya+Usagi Sketch Dump 2 by *YoukaiYume on deviantART

Question: When referring to Seiya... Do you say her or him? I know it's really a female who turns into a male in civilian form (in the anime of course) but nearly every single fan who likes Seiya/Usagi sees her as a male. I guess its like PGSM. Ami has black hair but Mercury has blue hair. You wouldn't draw PGSM Ami with blue hair, unless it was referring to Princess Ami... OMG I hate being so technical!! In reality, Sailormoon is confusing!!! PLUTO IS NOT A PLANET!!!!

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  1. I refer to Seiya as a boy, and most others refer to him in this form since the majority of the Stars Season he's male. In many ways I prefer him to Mamo-Chan. I think it's mainly though because they show Seiya always being really cute and cuddly. He has a strong personality...whereas Mamoru is kind of...boring. At least in the anime. Mamoru has a MUCH larger role in the manga.