Thursday, June 17, 2010


Only Senshi and Cycyn come to my little blog...
What ever...
I'll continue doing daily posts soon. Not sure when. This week has been so tiring. Mom is in the hospital, amazingly, nearly 2 years later. Note, diabetics if you have an infection of any type, have it checked by a doctor! Just don't have it cleaned and let them put a band-aid on it. Have them check and recheck your meds. The hospital gave mom pain meds that her body can't handle... yet again.. 2 years later! I seriously don't trust hospitals! Nurses say their busy... but all their doing is standing around talking.

Saving and making money has become easier with Mturk! I might be addicted too. I made $10 in less than a week... It's not gonna replace a real job; unless you do higher paying HITS (jobs) but it will pay for some wants... like this...

Xbox 360 12 month card - 29.99 The site normally sells them cheap for 34.99 but Father's day dropped it down to 29.99. I'm gonna wait and see before I buy. I have packages coming every week!! I got so annoyed by the many boxes in my house that I went crazy as I ripped them up!!

*Sigh* Otakon and Youmacon '10... here I come!

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  1. I hope your mom gets well soon!

    Cool you'll be going to Otakon!! If you want to meet up let me know, I'll be there. ^-^