Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Today is June 30th!!!
Neo Queen Serenity and 'Small Lady' Serenity's birthday!

Today, Neo Queen Serenity would be 32 years young, but don't look a day over 22 years old while 'Small Lady' would be 10 years old but look like a cute 5 year old due to the power of the Silver Crystal.

In the afternoon, a big tea party for all the children. 5 year old Hotaru and Helios are invited of course along with God-Mother, Queen Pluto attending. The handsome looking Mamoru, in his pink apron, will make the white and pink icing, chocolate cake along with Queen Jupiter's help. Once the children are put to bed, the adults will have fun playing old racing and Sailor V games then sing Karaoke like old times! Soon the King and Queen will sneak away at midnight for alone time. In my Sailormoon World, lets just say... Kousagi isn't just in the Parallel world.

Happy Bday Usako and Chibiusa by ~tuxedobunny on deviantART

Royal Family Portrait WIP by *sammywhatammy on deviantART

In the Palace by ~UsagiHikaru on deviantART

Princess Lady Serenity by *Si-chan on deviantART

Moon Princess by ~s0nified on deviantART

Neo II Family by ~bakamiyu on deviantART

Chibi Usa and Kousagi by ~Que-mira-la-noche on deviantART

Kousagi by ~marinachan on deviantART

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