Sunday, June 13, 2010


To make some extra money for Otakon and Youmacon '10, I started using a new site which I'm making money faster than before! Already got 30 bucks in less than 2 weeks!! Plus I got more coming.

Do surveys, polls, check websites... even other jobs that computers just can't do. Paid ranging from $.01-$10.00+. I personally haven't done anything worth more than .75 but the .01 polls take less than 15 seconds! Amazon Mechanical Turk has been out for about 5 years now. Once you hit $10, you can cash out to your bank account! Connection to AmazonPayments and the bank account only took only 2 days, plus I got some extra change! Withdraws took only 3 days for me!

SOOOO easy!!! Easy to do when you have extra time at home or work!

Well, I been doing the super easy, less than 15 second poll for .01. The polls are about your opinion on latest news.... Today asking me about what I think of the latest movies started to repeat and bore me... then suddenly... DOUBLE TAKE!!! I see this!!!

A very few times the HITS (jobs) asked me things about Naruto but I hope this is a hint... They even included Stars in the list!

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  1. Cool! I could use extra cash, maybe I'll give them a shot.