Sunday, June 13, 2010


A great day!!! Off from work today and started my afternoon (over slept) off with some Namie Amuro-Play CD. I love Future>Past but nothing can beat her Play CD. Dancing and nearly busting my butt... I check my daily websites of money making sites, Anime News Network and

'New Four King Hell!' Looking even crisper and just as funny!! Plus if my small group of followers stop reading them, they have another new background!! I liked the old newspaper style but it just wasn't giving the kawaii look of Sailormoon.

Favorite Fandom:

1. Four King Hell
2. Sailormoon: Abridged - New Season is currectly only on Youtube
3. Moonsticks - ChibiJen, if you see this... sorry!! You don't update enough for me!!
4. 'Stalking' Sakky - heh... I just love her artwork and cosplay

I have an account on DeviantART and Youtube... so many accounts I follow!!! On DA, I follow 230+ people... only 90% draw Sailormoon!! That's how I find so many great stuff!!!

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