Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Believe... in Hotaru/Helios/Usa

I know a lot of Moonies don't like Chibi-usa for the simple fact she is just a plain bitch with an Electra complex.

Well, Usa is just a scaried little 4-5 year old girl sent to the past and may not completely understand that 'They are my parents and they made me'. Meaning, the child does not understand sex, not even when she turns into Black Lady! Maybe she just does this to be noticed and feel love more. Copying the same things Usagi does with Mamo to feel the same love affects. Whatever her reason is... I still love her! Yes, I have preferred favorites but I love all the Sailormoon characters. From Ikuko to Momo-chan!

Anyway... There is a lot of pairings for Usa; Usa/Helios, Usa/Hotaru, Usa/Mamo, Black Lady/Endymion, Black Lady/ Mistress 9... the list goes on and on!

What about this pairing, Hotaru/Helios/Usa? Works for everyone! I believe... Usa dates/marries Helios and Hotaru out of no where tells Usa that she loves her after years of Usa not noticing. Some don't believe in multiple partners. But otakus are fine with our yuri couple, Michiru and Haruka! Why not Hotaru/Helios/Usa? What is Hotaru's 'fate'? To be lonely like Setuna and watch from a far as her love lives happily with another?

Our Lady by *sailorptah on deviantART

Hotaru Chibiusa 2 by ~persuastrix on deviantART

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