Thursday, March 25, 2010

Live Action Sailormoon... fanmade

In 1998 or 1999, my old best friends and I always wanted to make a Live Action Sailormoon movie! Not possible with three serious girls and a few other girls who barely seen Sailormoon. Those old friends don't watch Sailormoon anymore but me... yall know the deal; twelve, thirteen years later I'm still a Moonie fan and I believe my love for Sailormoon has grown stronger!

Moonies out there are making what I always wanted to do. Yeah, I can cosplay as a Sailor Senshi or Otaku Senshi but around the world, female (and male) otakus are talking it another step forward!

Darkmoon Entertainment -
BSSM: Dark Moon Fairytales Movie or (Episodes?)

Check out their site Darkmoon Entertainment for more.
At this time I can't load the site.
Make sure to check out their deviantART page for their beautiful cosplay!

Fairy Dust Productions - The Last Soldier

Great cosplay on their Facebook page.

Neno Studios - Sailor Moon & The Return of the Shadows

Sailormoon The Movie

Pay $15 to preorder your copy.
I LOVE this preview but I'm a broke Moonie!


Sailor Moon Analemma: Moon Phase Series Trailer

I already post her Code Name: Sailor V video.

Wow, long as hell blog post...
I hope this got people to stay on my blog longer...
Bye-bii... my hand hurts...

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  1. I've known about Neo Studio and Sailor Moon Analemma: for a while now, but not the others. Thanks for sharing it!

    They're really good fan videos and I wish I could help out and be a part of it. It would be so cool to dress as a Sailor Senshi and pretend to be them. I guess I could just cosplay instead. XD