Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Sims 2 Moon Castle

I have been working on making a SM story with The Sims 2 but my computer video card isn't up to par for The Sims 2 (Note the red water fountains!). I'm currently saving up for a new computer. (I know Sims 3 came out.. Not a huge fan of the new style)

This is one of the building I had been holding off on starting, but when Maryland had the big snow storm I had nothing else to do.

Basicly, the castle is a mix of anime and manga. **I know all the pics are mixed up.** Brown floor is kitchen, dining, sitting, and court room. Green floor is extra rooms (maybe the senshi's mother's rooms), control room. Blue floor is Princess and senshi's bedroom, Red floor is the king and queen floor, their offices and an extra office. Second blue floor is where the prayer room and leads to the time gate. Tell me what you think! I need ideas of how to split the red floor and brown floor.

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