Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bootlegs and Knockoffs

It's already March 4th!! Otakon is July 30th and I can't wait to search for everything Sailormoon!! But... Sailormoon items are hard to find. I'm afraid I will find a bootleg... maybe I will end up buying this item!!

Check out this old site to see more... Attack of the Anime Toys - Sailormoon; Bootlegs and Knockoffs

Then head to the Moon Madness page for real SM mech. Be warned those pages are old, 1999 old!

While still on subject about bootlegs, I'm look to buying the Japanese reprint of the SM manga series. 2007 & 2009, there was a vendor selling the reprints at Otakon but the mangas were in a box under a table. Does anyone know if these are real!?

Sasuga Books

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