Saturday, March 13, 2010

***Spoiler Alert!!*** I Wonder....

***Spoiler Alert!***

I’ve read all of Code Name: Sailor V

I’ve noticed something about a character:

This is Saitou, an Ex-student from Shiba Koen Junior High School. He comes to visit and like clockwork, 13 year old Minako has a major crush on the guy she has never seen before. I believe Saitou is in 11th grade, making him 17/18 years old.
Doesn’t he look just like Kunzite with short hair? Saitou? Kunzite? Saitou Kun!

HOLD IT! Saitou Kun?!?!
But that’s Saitou Kun! From the first stage musical! Or is it Shin?!
The man who has amnesia from live action!

I love being a Moonie!
WikiMoon should be turned into an real encyclopedia book for Moonies!

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