Monday, March 15, 2010

Future Dark Crystal Tokyo Wedding Idea

Now, I know I'm not the only huge Moonie out there who has thought about having a HUGE Sailormoon themed wedding!

My theme will be 'Dark, Crystal Tokyo! Light purple, deep red and black, crystals and future Tokyo items with silk drapes and roses! That way, I won't look like a complete otaku if someone walks in and think, 'Did I walk into a convention?'
My dress will be Serenity inspired, bride's maids will be senshi color inspired... even the groom's men will be dressed in solider style suits. Our song will be My only love; one of the greatest American songs!

My ring... well... you already know what my ring will look like Moonies!

Sailor Moon Wedding Ring by =Pixelmari on deviantART

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  1. You are amazing for this. No lie. I swear I have wanted a dark Crystal Tokyo wedding for years after reading SM.<3