Thursday, April 8, 2010

Knitted Items for Sale!

Right now I'm bored... time is ticking... sllloooowwwwllly or maybe its just the white noise of the fan blowing? I grabbed my camera to play with and this is what I found!

All of these were made by my mother. I can only make jewelry and the weather is just starting to get better to start beading.

I have yet to figure out shipping costs.

First edition already been sold with a little tail and bell at the end but more will be made!
Idea of putting a bell earring on them.
Selling for $12, for tail and bell or earring bell extra .50 cents.

These next fours kid items are still for sale!


Would like to sell this as a set!
$25This baby pillow here is a few years ago and has 'Name: ' written in faded black ink on the back.
Will sell this pillow only for $9

Also not posted but we have already made;
Child Scarves: $5
Adult size hats: $8
Adult Socks/Booties: $10

Must request for;
Baby pillows: $10
And any other items not already made will cost $2 more.

Will only take paypal payments and items will be sent out as soon as full payment is received.
Custom items will have a 5 person waiting list. To get on the list;
Down payment of %25 for custom items. If you cancel, refund of %10. Why? In case we rush out to buy the yarn, start and the next day the customer cancels! Don't waste our time!

I repeat, I have yet to figure out shipping. Bare with me. I'm new at online selling!

Soon another page featuring sell-able items will be made.
Thinking about having SM themed adult socks and hats made!

Ramble, ramble, ramble... sooooo hot....

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