Tuesday, April 27, 2010

DA Sailor War

Tired and sadden. Great Drachea has deactivated his DA page, meaning the doll maker is no long working. Hopefully its still on the doll maker site!

Because of Drachea, unconventionalsenshi has taken down their work as a protest to DA and bullies!

Why is there bullying in the SM community? Great example; Usagi/Bob being harassed on SMfansubs!

Usagi-chan hates bulling and believes everyone should be treated fairly. Your not a true Moonie if you bully. Did DiC not teach us anything from Sailor Says?!

Maybe Drachea was tracing (I never noticed) and yes, Usagi/Bob did post illegal downloads. Traces of Sailormoon date back to 1992(?). These people are not Nick Simmons!! They did not profit off what they did!! They did this for fun!! To get SM to the public; a new generation!! If Drachea did commission, what Moonie doesn't commisson off SM's likeness?! I would love for some framing war online. Go ahead and harass me!! I made an Otaku Senshi, half sister to Serenity, go ahead and bully me for no originality! I dare you...


As a Moonie of 12 years, I've been teased about everything down to my love for Sailormoon. I hid my love for Sailormoon from age 9 years old until I was 15 years old. Now, 20 years old, my love for Sailormoon is stronger and deeper. My walls has SM fanart, figures on my dresser, fanart on my desktop, screensaver, Zune screensaver, pins, bracelet, ring-tones, I even sing the songs at work!! Sailormoon is everywhere!!! Look in my DA favorite's list!! Life is too short to care about what others think about you. You'll be lonely and sad as a fake person. Don't read the comments, if your fanart is taken down from DA, put it back up or make your own site.

This is Sailor War... henshi and fight!

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