Friday, April 16, 2010

First Moonie Collector Moonlight - April 16, 2010

Welcome girls and boys! Oh yeah, and Zoi... that damn Zoi...

Moon Comedy will now be posted random Tuesdays! Temporarily being replaced is Moon Locket Music with...

Moonie Collector Moonlight!

Each week will include video(s) and/or photo(s) of Moonie's collections. Plus, video(s) or photo(s) of a SM related handmade item(s)!

Youtube (and DeviantArt) is a great way to find great never before seen Moonie items!

First featured Moonie Collector: RipkeVanWinkle!

She even has a video of how to search for SM items from Japan!

First handmade mini feature: Demi - Plum
I brought this pretty bracelet for only $25 and she custom sized it!
Note: If your wrist is 8inches, get 8 1/2inches... Mines was too fitted!

Gaurdian Cat Charm Bracelet by *Demi-Plum on deviantART

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