Friday, April 2, 2010

Hint about my project

I haven't got to them yet but I already know who they are in the manga! I'm a Moonie fan without even watching or reading all of it!

Pin-up, Sailors Gucci n Chanel by ~KrisRix on deviantART

About my last post:
Here's a clue of my mini project: It's a popular old game

My mini personal project would be odd for some but quite normal because the company allows you to recreate their product. I finished the first major part but I must transfer it then I have to talk with someone about the second major part since I didn't create it, just will edit a few mistakes. I think Moonies will enjoy my project.
Arty, shut up! I know I never finish what I start but this one might actually get finished! ... Or get thrown in the box of 'I will get back to it one day'


  1. I look forward to it!!

  2. Did I say anything Luna? I know you're working on this well and are making good progress with it.