Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Bday, Rei-chan!


Today is April 17, 2010!
If Queen Mars was real, she would be 32 years young today!

I believe... she would be happily married for 12 years (yes, 12 years. Heh he) to Yuuichirou/Jedeite(my reasoning for this has yet to be finished or started) with twin 12 year old children... beautiful... hotheaded children. An elegant daughter with long raven hair and a talented singer son. (Yay, DiC!)
No more being forced to dinner with her father. She has her own family take her to dinner.

Senshi of Mars
Senshi of Fire
Second in Command
Queen Rei Hino-Kumada
(Yes, Hino-Kumada)

216-Queen and Princess II by *Silverlegends on deviantART

hebe-shinyillusion is too shy to let me post their art!
I don't know why,I think their work is beautiful!
Mars' Family

Artist has been banned but still beautiful...

Moon and Mars by !usakou on deviantART

mars.jadeite by `bri-chan on deviantART

Rei Hino Weeding by ~Yabu07 on deviantART

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Jadeite and Sailor Mars

Cosmic Sailor Mars - new fuku by ~kjur on deviantART

Mars Royal Family by ~KonekoTsukino on deviantART

(Yes, I have slight OCD. All the artwork was in order)

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  1. Happy birthday Rei!! I love the images. ^^