Friday, April 23, 2010

Moonie Collection Moonlight - April 23, 2010

Moonie Collector Number TWO!!! A great Sailor Senshi role model for me; Sakky!!

She does it all!! Cosplay, draw, make brooches, plushies, even beautiful Dark Moon earrings!
Commissioning with Sakky isn't cheap but it is great quality. She puts 100% love and detail into her work... to keep people paying for her obsession!! She even has extras to sell!

The Sailor Moon Display V by *SakkysMoonBag on deviantART

Handmade time. I could posted something by Sakky but she's famous -in my mind- enough! Let's give the spotlight to someone else!

Handmade Number Two; pyramidcat
I wish this was to buy!!

Chibiusa Henshin Sculpture 1 by *Pyramidcat on deviantART

They even posted pictures of the process of making this beauty!
Chibiusa Henshin WIP 1
Chibiusa Henshin WIP 2

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