Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Back to work

Sunday was Mother's day. I didn't feel like cooking for mom, so she suggested Boston Market. We go online to find a coupon and learn we can order online. She picks meatloaf and roasted chicken with lots of sides. My parents ate around 6pm while I didn't eat until around 7pm; too into a new fighting game.

By 11pm I wasn't feeling right. As a thoughtless eater, I ate a piece of mixed fruit I had forgot from dinner. One bite made me feel sick. So I got in bed a little early.

3:30am, I'm sick as hell.

My parents were already sick before me...yet I had it worst.

Two days.

Now, I'm so weak; finally I can eat but I don't have the urge, and my clothes are so baggy.

I love Boston Market food but I think someone was rushing when my order was made at 3pm for around 7pm.

Gonna take a Moonie break. If no one has noticed, I got posts being auto posting until Friday.

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