Monday, May 3, 2010

Sailor War

Today, I checked statcounter and saw a new location of which people were coming to my site.
I joined up to this Sailormoon Forum that sorta looked welcoming...
I had to wait to get admin's permisson to access the site.
Checking my email, I'm in!
Title of the forum topic; Sailormoon Forum-You Fail...

Why am I posted there? Hmmm... odd

I start skimming the posts of people who are put into a tiny box.

A beautiful quote from YingGirl:

"Oh fandom. When people think you love anime, just remember, there will always be someone more obsessed than you.

This site proves why I left the Sailor Moon fandom.

And the article that drove me to this site, was this."
This is my response to those assholes who talk down about Moonies...

"Thanks for looking at my crazy obsession of a blog to Sailormoon. The post about the SM theme wedding is just a dream. Not something I would completely make real. My boyfriend is not a mamo replacement. He is nothing like mamo nor do I want him to be a mamo copy. All females have a vision of their wedding, being it a spring themed or anime themed. It's my wish, my life, my choice. I am not inviteing any of the douche bags from this site who puts down moonies. We r people. Wha about people who obesse over Star Wars or Star Trek. We r no odder than them. Just because you lived a life of people putting you down, telling you how to live, doesn't mean I must fit your vision of normalcy. I respect your a opinion, I respect that an anime themed wedding is quite odd but this is my fucking life. Your posting of my blog just makes me want to continue it more. Thank you for your great support, I was having doubts about if anyone cared about the site!

Sincerely, Tina R. A.K.A. xXPrettyNekoXx"

I will not post the site link of who talked down upon me nor will I continue reading any other posts on the forum. Like I stated in a blog posts not too long ago... I hid my Sailormoon obsession for many many years, I did not show people the true Tina. I will not hold back for no one. I have lost valuable time and energy being someone I'm not. I will continue to post my beliefs, my views, my visions, whatever the fuck I want to post on my blog. If other people can't look to me as a leader.. then... fuck you... stay off my blog... and have a nice day.

Moonie Addiction will not end until I say so...


  1. Actually, I don't think you even had to answer to that horrible comment, so we're obsessed.... what else is new??

    It just causes me mayor eye rollage. Why waste their time commenting? I know I DON'T have time in MY life to go on, let's say Betty Boop Forums and hate on them... I'm too busy having fun with SM!! XD!!


    Anyway. Be a proud Moonie! If it makes you happy, then just enjoy it. xD!

    PS Betty Boop was just an example, I don't have time in my life to hate anything... :p

  2. I (and my boyfriend) were shocked I posted that. I normally don't argue when someone puts down SM. But seeing my blog as a key point made me mad.

  3. Hey, would you mind sending me that link? I'm an OLD member od the SMF/GF and I'd like to see the whole article.

    That forum can be pretty rough- particularly on fan productions. Yeah- NOT a kind group. lol but if you're active they are pretty welcoming.

  4. Sry, MissCasey. I dont wanna find the link and become temped to read their replies

  5. Ying's an idiot.

    If you stay in the forums and just ignore her blatant idiocy and bitch-fest, you'll see that we're all pretty cool for the most part.

    Also, the main website itself is lots of fun to be a part in. I think you'd enjoy going there if you gave it a shot.

    I'll admit, I can't stand that woman. I hate how she fills up the forums with her RAGE and Stupidity and constant bitching and whining and emo-ness and angst.

    I'd say try and give the main website a try. It's been around for over 7 years (is that a long time on the internet?) and it's filled with wonderful Sailor Moon fans.

    Except her.
    I truly find her disgusting.