Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SMA Season 2!/Baltimore Moonie Friend Find

Sailormoon: The Abridged Series has finally posted the first episode of Season 2 on YouTube!!! I laughed sooooo hard!!!

Also, I was thinking... planning a Moonie Addict get-together with some Moonies at Otakon '10 but I'm the most shyest person in this world!!! I may act loud and silly online but in real life... quiet. I always attend the SM panel and rush to every photoshot I can find... but I barely say three words to people.

Looking for a Baltimore Moonie Friend or even just someone to chat with by Yahoo Messenger!

1 comment:

  1. I'll meet up with you! Too bad last time I didn't know it was you. What a small world! XD

    Last year there was TrueSailorComet, from YouTube, at the Sailor Moon panel too, she did the Chibi Moon attack at the front. Maybe we can meet up with her too. I know Kungpow, I met him last year and he'll be there again too. We have lots of Moonies to meet!! ^o^

    I'm on ivsenshivi on yahoo mesenger.