Thursday, May 6, 2010


I remember 8th grade... Running home, grabbing my Goofy phone and calling my two best friends on three way. Then two of us must remember to tell our other friend what is happening because she didn't have cable. Sitting arm lenght from the tv screen, my brother jumpping up and yelling out 'Latino Heat' when ever Tuxedo Mask came on screen. Missing a great snow day just to watch Sailormoon. Crying at the end battle when the scouts all died. Yelling out 'Moon Prism Power!' Trading cards and necklaces. Oh, Serena...

I hope to pass on Sailormoon to my daughters (or sons)...

Note: 'Latino Heat' was the catchphrase for a wrestler; Eddie Guerrero. Yes, I was and still (partial) a fan of WWE. I love me some Orton!! Ain't he yummy?!?!?

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