Saturday, May 8, 2010

Eternal Sailor Saturn

I am offically at the beginning of Super S. Then on to the never before seen, Stars. I've seen so many clips and art work of Stars. The fuku from Stars and the artbook is very different.

Stars shows my top favorite senshi again, Sailor Saturn with a little more senshi personality, yet things about her is not clearly shown. So, fans must fill in the gaps. Here's my favorite lipstick rod, transformation and attack fan videos! I'm a very picky girl when it comes down to SM things.

Watch the whole video for a great American, first season Serena sound-a-like.


  1. Sailor Stars barely shows Saturn at all. ^^; She's in the first few episodes and then randomly appears at the VERY end of the season. Sailor Moon S is really her story arc.

    Sailor Moon R and Stars are my favorite arcs. :D

  2. I also wanted to add that I'm a frequent visitor of your blog. For some reason I've never posted before.