Friday, May 14, 2010

Love you!

Fighting evil by moonlight....
Winning love by daylight...

Feeling much better now. Back to my PC game obsession; MapleStory. My XBOX 360 is getting dusty. My brother gave me some games months ago and I've grown tired of Fable 2 and not really into Brutal Legend. I wanna buy Street Fighter 4, I miss the old days.

90% of my tiny pay check is going to my savings and all survey money too. So I will have a nice penny for Otakon! (Thank god I live rent free with my parents!)

I'm testing myself. I'm setting my blog to auto post every single day with one SM item. So Moonies can check me out every single day for their Moonie fix!! If I find something that is just needing to be posted right away, it'll go up too. How long can this last?!

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