Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'm still alive!!

It's a new month... Not as tired as before.

I finally have internet back at home after it's been turned off since Oct 2008! SO, I've been doing less internet searching at work and updating my computer at home. I have OCD when it comes down to things on my computer. Over the year, I've been throwing things into random folders and got double files. Once that is all cleaned up, I'm back to being an obsessed Moonie with a clean, clear computer!!

Also, try signing up to one of the side survey sites! Sign up to Toluna is most preferred!
Saving for Otakon has slowed down over the pass month. You don't even have to use the account, just sign up, verify and leave the account open for a few days! It's quick and easy without having to give me your own money!

New Poll!!

Internet installation... by ~Myztic-Beauty on deviantART

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